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Another Change Directory substitute, with fuzzy searching.
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Another Change Directory substitute, with fuzzy searching.
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Contents of the C.DOC file

Better CD by Jay Fischer August 91

Usage: C [dirname] [dirname] [dirname] [dirname] [dirname] [..] [.] [?]

o Dirname can be a as short as makes it unique.
o If multiple Dirnames are used separate them by spaces.
o . will go up one level
o .. will go to root directory
o ? will display a short help screen

This following is the Order and type of searching. The next
step is taken if the previous step came back not found. If
all steps are taken and the dirname is not found the current
directory is restored.

The regular search matches against the actual directory names
starting from the beginning of the name up to the size of the

The fuzzy search searches the actual directory name to see if
dirname exists as a substring of the directory name, if so it
is a match.

Directory Type
--------- -------
1 Current Directory Regular
2 Current Directory Fuzzy
3 Root Directory Regular
4 Root Directory Fuzzy

I find the program extremely useful, use it however you wish. I release
it unto the public domain.

This program is written in QuickBasic 4.5 using PDQ and QuickPak Pro
by Crescent Software (1-800-352-2742). The libraries by Crescent make
programming super duper fun. I could not have written this and many
other programs without them. I also do not work for them I just like
their products very much.

Any Question/Comments:

Jay Fischer
190 Grove
Des Plaines, IL 60016

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