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BDIR version 4.0

List the files inside a Backup diskette from rel. 3.3 DOS

Copyright 1989,1990 - Allen P. Dew

Have you ever wondered what files were backed up onto a diskette using the
release 3.3 DOS Backup program? Prior to release 3.3 of DOS the files
were individually named on each diskette. Starting with release 3.3, the
files were lumped into one large file on each diskette with a separate index
in another file on the diskette. Made it nearly impossible to know where
each file started in the several diskettes required to back up today's large
hard disks.

Now there is a program to assist in managing your collection of backup
diskettes. The program will list on screen the paths and files contained
in your backup diskettes. The program does not use any special colors or
graphics and therefore should run on almost any MS-DOS or PC-DOS
compatible computer.

The program BDIR is furnished as is with no warranty of any type. There is
no guarantee that it will work correctly on any computer. There is no
guarantee that the program will not damage something. The user of this
program bears all risks for damage and the author cannot be held liable for
any damages or costs incurred.

The program BDIR is being distributed as shareware. If you find this program
useful and use it with any regularity, then you should send the author $5.00
or more as compensation for his time and effort. Thanks to all the people
who have sent money in support of this program.

Running the program is very simple. Just type BDIR on the command line and
press ENTER. Then answer the questions presented. BDIR does not require
you to know the diskette sequence number. BDIR has been improved to show
the file date and time stamp. It also now runs much faster with less
diskette I/O.

The output from BDIR can be directed to the screen, printer, or a disk file.
The disk file could be used as input to a catalogue program or word
processor for enhanced processing.

If you have troubles with this program or need to contact the author, then
call his support BBS and leave a message or leave a message on Compuserve.

Allen P. Dew
604 Lakeview Rd.
Durham, NC 27712

Support BBS: Geneal Board
919-471-6026 NCRTP
2400,1200,300 bps
24 hours operation

Compuserve - 73737,1345

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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