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A safer way to delete files. Shows what you are about to delete.
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A safer way to delete files. Shows what you are about to delete.
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Contents of the AX.DOC file

Documentation for AX File Deletion Program Version 1k

AX is a replacement for the DEL and ERASE commands in DOS. It was written
after a person (who shall remain unnamed) accidently trashed fifteen
megabytes of my public domain MS-DOS files because he was overtired and
accidently said "DEL *.*" instead of "DEL A:*.*".

So the mission of AX is to do what the DEL command does, except that before
it deletes anything, it shows you what you are about to wipe out. If you
get into the habit of using AX instead of DEL, one of these days you'll be
glad you did.

AX uses the same syntax as DEL: you say "AX " followed by any legal DOS file
specification, which can include a drive designation and/or path and/or a
filename. Wildcard characters (? and *) are allowed.

AX and DEL treat all file specifications the same way, except for one
special case. If you say "DEL A:", DEL will gripe and won't delete
anything. However, if you give AX a drive designator only, it assumes you
want to delete all files in the current directory of that drive. So saying
"AX A:" means the same thing as saying "AX A:*.*". This difference is not
accidental, but is intended as an improvement over DEL.

AX is a public domain program, and therefore has no warranty, express or
implied. Use it and enjoy. However, I would appreciate it if you would
not distribute the program in modified form. If you want to pass it around,
pass around a virgin copy.

AX is believed to be 100% bug free. I use it all the time, and many of my
friends do to. In the unlikely event you encounter a bug, a compatibility
problem, or whatever, you may contact me at the address listed below.

The files included in this distribution are:

AX.EXE the runnable program
AX.C the C source code
AX.DOC this file

Happy computing!

D. David Kaufman
P.O. Box 251
Orange, MA 01364

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