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³ ATTRB utility ³
³ I N F O R M A T I O N F O R ³
³ V E N D O R S A N D ³
³ B B S S Y S O P S ³

Abri Technologies, Inc.
HCR62, Box 100K
Great Cacapon, WV 25422

(Association of Shareware Professionals - member)

This file contains shareware description and regulations
for vendors, BBS sysops and other distributors.

Product: ATTRB utility
Category: Utilities
Needs: IBM PC, MS-DOS 2.0 or better
Author: Abri Technologies, Inc. (Compuserve # 72345,1623)
Version: 1.6 (1992-10-22)
Registration: $5 (+$1 s/h)
Reg. benefits: Latest update & minimum 3 months support.
Look for: ATTRIB.EXE in IBMSYS forum LIB 1 on CompuServe.
Download size: 29k
Easy-to-use, intuitive, full screen, WYSIWYG, file attribute
changing utility to replace dos's ATTRIB. Changes attributes for
a directory, file or all files at once. Wildcard selection and
directory changing within the program.
(Shorter Description for CD-ROM, etc. listings.
Easy to use, WYSIWYG, full screen, file attribute changing utility.

The software package file list can be found near beginning of file
README.DOC. The software package - including all related program
files and documentation files - CANNOT be modified in any way and
must be distributed as a complete package, without exception.

Small additions to the package, such as the introductory or
installation batch files used by many shareware disk vendors, are
acceptable - note that the software comes with an INSTALL.BAT program.

No price or other compensation may be charged for this software. A
a vendor distribution fee may be charged, as long as it does not
exceed the leser of the software registration or US$8.00 in U.S./
Canada (or US$12.00 internationally).

All distributors must make the shareware idea clear to the end users.

This software CANNOT be sold as part of some other inclusive
package. Nor can it be included in any commercial software
packaging offer, without a written agreement from Abri Technologies.

All vendors, BBS's, computer clubs, CD-shareware distributors,
Disk-of-the-Months distributors are advised to contact Abri
Technologies for the latest software version if the software
files latest date is more than 6 months old.

The software package cannot be "rented" or "leased" to others.

All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to Abri
Technologies, Inc.

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