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Output of file : REGISTER contained in archive : ATTRB16.ZIP
Abri Technologies, Inc., Great Cacapon, WV 25422, USA

This file contains registration/ordering information with a list of
software available from ATI.

__________________REGISTRATION and ORDERING INFORMATION:_____________________

Registration includes a 'registered' copy on disk. The fee covers the
cost of diskette, handling and shipping - outside N. America add $1 US.

To place an order, please use the order form on the following page. You
can fill the blanks with an editor, print it and mail with your payment.

Quantity Purchases

The order form on the following may be used to purchase multiple copies
with discounts as follows:

1 - 10 copies no discount
11 and up 33% discount

Multiple copy purchases are simply bulk purchases and include that many
disc copies as with single registrations. We also have available site
licenses (at a reduced price), which are based on a fixed number of
copies, but in which the site performs the diskette duplication from a
master disk supplied by us.

The name on the order form is considered the contact and is the person
with whom all correspondence will take place.

Registration/Ordering form
Remit to: Abri Technologies, Inc., Great Cacapon, WV 25422, USA


Quan Item **US funds** Price

___ HandyDOS Collection Registration... @ $25 ea $________

___ ABMENU (d.exe) utility Registr..... @ $10 ea $________

___ Other Individual utilites Registr.... @ $5 ea $________add $1 s/h
Name(s) of individual utility/ies:


___ FDplot Registration................ @ $15 ea $________

___ FDplot Plus advanced software...... @ $25 ea $________

___ MixC Compiler menu source code..... @ $25 ea $________

___ SUN&SET software................... @ $50 ea $________

Disk media type: 5.25" [ ] 3.5" [ ]

Volume Discount $(______)

Outside of N. America add $1 $________

TOTAL $________






Where did you get your shareware copy?____________________________________
Print the above order form and mail with payment to:

Abri Technologies, Inc.,
HC 62 Box 100K,
Great Cacapon, WV 25422 USA
(You can use the above 3 lines with printer at 10 pitch to print the address
on both 6.5"(17cm) and 9.5"(24cm) envelopes.)
** HandyDOS Utilities **

This is a collection of handy utility programs.
þ BAK & 0 can delete pesky *.BAK and 0 length files from all directories.
þ MV can quickly move files or whole directories anywhere on the disc,
without the tedious copy/delete procedure.
þ DELTREE can be used to organize/cleanup your disc. Delete a whole
unwanted directory with this one command.
þ D (ABMENU) executes programs and/or changes directories with a simple
0 to 99 number reference.
þ VMODE is handy for graphics and laptops for best text mode and cursor.
þ ATTRB is a full screen WYSIWYG replacement for the dos ATTRIB utility.
þ INPUT, ECH, PRINTAT, WINDOW and TIMETONE professional batch utilities.

These utilities are available as a collection or individually.
** FDplot **

FDplot is scientific function and data plotting software intended for
upper high-school or college students and instructors. It is menu driven,
fast, and easier to use than most graphics calculators. Requires minimum
of 640x200 mono CGA graphics card and GWBASIC. The software automatically
selects "nicest integer graph scales" to accommodate all function and
data. Hard drive is recommended.
** FDplot Plus **

An enhanced college level Scientific Plotting/LR-Statistics software.

þ It will plot up to 3 functions (any form: standard, parametric or polar)
þ up to 3 data sets (with x or y error bars if desired).
þ Functions/data can be saved on disc as ASCII files.
þ The stat portion will save the data and LR-line on disc for plotting.
** Mix-C Compiler menu - SOURCE CODE **

This is an quick/easy to use one-touch-compiler-menu for the MixC C
compiler that eliminates the headaches of hunting around for editor/
compiler/linker/library/etc pathnames or messing up the dos environment.
Requires editing - for your choice of pathnames - and one time "hard way"
compiling. Sample menu:

ATI, MixC Compiler Menu - V1.2

(E)dit file: ¯deltree.c®
<ÄÙ for next sourcefile
(C)ompile: ¯deltree.c®
(V)iew last compile summary
(L)ink to get ¯deltree.exe® file
(T)est run ¯deltree.exe® program
(S)ummary of usage
(Q)uit menu.

Enter choice letter: _
** SUN&SET **

Fast/Accurate generation of sunrise and sunset tables for anywhere in world.
Useful for Almanacs, Newspapers, Jewish Synagogues and other Sabbath
keeping groups. Lists times in tabular format on screen, file or printer.

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Archive   : ATTRB16.ZIP
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