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Execute any command on ALL drives specified.
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Execute any command on ALL drives specified.
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Contents of the ALLDRIVE.DOC file

ALLDRIVE.EXE use to execute the same command
on more than one logical/physical drive

Enter ALLDRIVE xxxxx [xxxxx] [xxxxx] .....
^ ^optional parameters
^ command to execute on all drives

The Environment variable AD must be set with a list
of drive letters if command is to be executed on
more than one drive. E.g. SET AD=cdef
NOTE: To execute a command on all drives and all directories on
each drive, combine AllDRIVE.EXE with a utility such as
GLOBAL.COM which executes a command on all directories within
a drive, e.g. ALLDRIVE GLOBAL DEL *.BAK would delete all the
.BAK files in all the directories of all the drives listed in
the AD environment variable.
ALLDRIVE with no parameters shows this help screen

Replaces CD for easier multi-drive use
Searches the current directory and then the root for the path specified
Enter AD [\]path[\path][.....]
To search several drives: SET AD=d[d][d]....
Up to 8 drives may be listed
(AD ? shows this help screen)
EXAMPLE: Set AD=cde will cause drives C D & E to be used for path change
(include in Autoexec.bat)
EXAMPLE: if the current path were D:\DOS, AD WP would first attempt
CD WP, then CD \WP then C: CD WP then CD \WP then E: .... etc.
NOTE: Differences between AD and DOS CD --
- obviously, will look on several drives for the path
- changes directory and drive when path is found
- AD D: is valid, will switch you to the current directory of drive D
- the initial \ can usually be left off, AD will always look
first in the current directory and then the root of each drive
If you include the initial \ , only the root will be examined.

(c)1988 Wayne King 491 Palisade Ave 3R Jersey City NJ 07307
May be use freely, my not be sold or included in a package to be sold.
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