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Version 0.2 of Asphyxiated Directory, a mildly interesting dir replacement that shows file attributes in the listing, with optional color. New in version 0.2 is a -p switch to allow paging.
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Version 0.2 of Asphyxiated Directory, a mildly interesting dir replacement that shows file attributes in the listing, with optional color. New in version 0.2 is a -p switch to allow paging.
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Contents of the AD.DOC file

AD: Asphyxiated Directory 0.2 from Asphyxiated Rooster Software

AD is a very simple program. I wrote it for one main reason: I wanted to be
able to see file attributes in a directory listing. Nothing more. So,
basically, that's what this program does. It gives a listing like the


ax FOO .EXE 23523

Of course, you can enter filespecs as in "ad *.pas".

CAVEAT: You cannot pull a "ud c:\". It will look for a file C:\. and will
not find it. Instead, try using "ud c:\*.*".

By the way, as every author of a directory utility like this one tends to
suggest, it would be a good idea to rename the executable to D.EXE, just
for convenience.


The first six letters/dots are file attributes, as shown in the table below.
The filename follows, and last is the size of the file in bytes.

Archive Extension
Hidden Filename Size, in bytes
rhsaxd FILENAME .EXT 123456

Of course, the Directory and Executable flags are not actually DOS file
attributes, but I thought they would be useful. Determination of the
executable flag is based on filename extensions (is it .COM, .EXE, or
.BAT?) and the directory flag is found by a convenient function of
Turbo Pascal 7.0, in which this program was written.


The -c switch turns on color coordination in addition to the attributes.
While this is kind of a useless feature given that the attribute readout
on which it is based is right there for the looking, I thought this would
make the status of a file more readily apparent; I even tried to make the
colors make sense with respect to the attribute they were symbolizing.

To turn on colors, use a command like the following:

ad -c


ad *.PAS -c.

NOTE: the "c" must be lowercase.

The colors assigned are:

Read-Only: light gray
Hidden: dark gray
System: red
Executable:white (along with files without attributes)
Directory: blue

Also note that the hidden attribute has highest precendence, so, for example,
a hidden directory would turn up dark gray, not blue.


Just (and I mean *just*) after I released version 0.1 I realized, with a
slap to the forehead, that I had forgotten to include a paging mechanism.
So, brand new with version 0.2 is a switch -p that shows output a page at
a time. So now you can do,

ad *.* -pc

that will give you colors (see PRETTY COLORS) and a pager. The "p" and "c"
can be in any order, anywhere among the parameters, and of course one or
both of them may be nonexistent -- as long as, if they are there, they are
preceded by a dash.


You can do anything you like with this program. Distribute it, hex-edit it,
distribute it hex-edited, perform perverted sexual acts with it, whatever.
It is provided for your convenience only (gee, I'm such a nice guy) without
any expectation of registration or donation whatsoever. You wouldn't do it
anyway for such a small program.


All avid readers of AR/Soft documentation know that near the end there is the
obligatory plug for the Digital Land BBS. Not only is it the AR/Soft BBS
headquarters, but it is an intelligent message center with a small and
selective (and thus highly intelligent and productive) user base. You
cannot call Digital Land expecting to download AR/Soft products and not
post any messages, for you will be deleted. Of course, I'd rather you do
that but it is important to keep up the quality of the board.

Digital Land, running WWiV 4.23
(301) 718-8491
Asphyxiated Rooster Software headquarters
Messages, and some files and doors for when you're done writing

Asphyxiated Rooster Software is not a registered trademark or copyright or
anything, but I'd appreciate it if you'd keep of my toes and not use the
name. Why would you want to anyway?

-- Evan Johnson
President, Asphyxiated Rooster Software

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