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Program : ActaeOn - The Shareware Hard Disk Manager
Copyright 1989, 91 Jon Clempner
Version : 2.01
Release date : 1st October 1991
Reason for
Release : Major Upgrade (See READ.ME for details)

Description : ActaeOn is a Hard Disk Manager with a point and
shoot interface to DOS. In addition to most DOS
commands ActaeOn has many other features
o Graphical representation of directory tree
o Find file/Find string within files
o Mouse support with scroll bars
o Full context sensitive help
o Text Editor
o Multiple file Copy/Move/Delete
o Fully configurable (Colors/Sort order etc)
o Add you own commands
o 43/50 line support on EGA/VGA
o Browse file in Hex/Ascii, Zip, LZH, GIF or Dbase

Publisher : Shareable Software International
Contact : Mail - P.O. Box 59102
IL 60159

Phone - 708-397-1221
- 800-622-2793 (Orders Only)
Fax - 708-397-0381

System : IBM PC or compatable, DOS 3.xx or later, 512Kb RAM
Hard Disk recommended, will support EMS, Mouse,

Registration : $39.95 (+ $4.00s/h), Visa/Master Card accepted
(Registrations to Publisher at above address)

Benefits : Latest release, Mail/Email Support, Printed Manual.

Author : Jon Clempner
Contact : Mail - 20, Norleigh Road
M22 4AZ

CompuServe - 100013,57
CIX - jonc

Vendors who are not a corporate member of the Association of
Shareware Authors - UK (ASA-UK) or vendor members of the
Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) require written
authorisation to distribute. Non-profit User Groups do not require
prior authorisation. User Groups, and ASA-UK and ASP vendors are
asked to let the publisher know so that they can sent the latest
release. Potential distributors outside the US/Canada should contact
the author.

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Archive   : ACT204.ZIP
Filename : VENDOR.DOC

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