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Shareable Software International, Inc.
Shareware Publishers

Shareable Software International (SSI) provides the
mechanisms for the support and registration of a number of
Shareware Programs. We also offer a number of services to
shareware authors.

If you are a shareware author, and have a need for support
or distribution of your programs, both registered and shareware
version, feel free to contact us. We can aggressively market
your product, provide technical support, product registration and
fulfillment. We also offer BBS support, and a BBS upload service
at VERY reasonable cost. We also have contacts in the UK, and
Australia if you wish to set up agents for your products in those

We are also a Vendor Member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). Please feel free to include us on your
distribution list for your programs. We would be happy to
include them in our catalog.

Feel free to contact us at 708-397-1221 voice, 708-397-0381 fax,
CIS ID 76226,2652. You may also contact us on the Runway BBS,
Conference 77 Shareable Software International. We share a
common message base with The Shareware Support BBS from the UK.
You may use this as a method for setting up BBS support for your
products in the UK. The data numbers for the Runway BBS are:

215-623-6203 2400 baud
215-623-4897 9600 HST
215-623-6845 9600 V.32

Remember to J)oin Conference 77! All files there are available
to first time callers, and as free downloads! First time callers
will also have full messaging capabilities within the conference.


ActaeOn - A superb hard disk manager with a point and shoot interface
to DOS. Although its ease of use will make it ideally suited to the
new user, the regular user will find it useful on a day to day

Flexibak Plus - The Ultimate Hard Disk Backup System! In
addition to being one of the most intuitive, user friendly,
flexible backup systems available for the PC today, Flexibak Plus
has a host of unique features which go to make it the backup
system of choice for the discerning PC user.

PrintPlus - Super file printing and more! Tag a print, copy,
move, delete files, view files. Pull down menus, mouse support,
many features! Powerful option to save paper via four different
print modes. Print selected pages, preview number of pages for
each printmode. Replace IBM box characters with user defined

Boxer - A full featured text editing system. Features include:
512-level undo, full mouse support, 43/50 lines for EGA/VGA,
multiple files and windows, column marking, macros, color, pull-
down menus, word processing, and online help. "Feature for
feature, BOXER is the BEST Shareware text editor available
today!" - Dr. File Finder (Michael E. Callahan)

We are adding more programs all of the time! Note: Not all of
the programs mentioned above are published by SSI, but all are
available on Runway BBS, Conference 77, along with on-line
registration and technical support!

Bill Dickson
President, Shareable Software International, Inc.

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