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ActaeOn V2.00 Copyright 1989,91 Jon Clempner
The Shareware Hard Disk Manager

The distribution disk or archive should contain the following files

ACTAEON.EXE - The main program
ACTAEON.OVR - Overlays
ACTVWGIF.AGV - GIF File viewer
ACTAEON.DOC - The documentation
ACTAEON.HLP - The help file
READ.ME - This file
ORDER.FRM - Registration form
SHAREW.TXT - Definition of Shareware
VENDOR.DOC - Info for potential vendors
SSI.DOC - Information about the publishers

For registration details see ACTAEON.DOC or print out the file

If you have a printer you may print out the manual by typing the
following DOS command:



Version Release Date Reason for Release
======= ============ ==================

V1.10 24/06/1989 Original release

V1.20 06/08/1989 Fix bug in New Directory function.

Add user configuration of colors, Bell
On/Off, and no of display lines.

Add context sensitive help.

Add graphic characters to tree display.

Show number/size of tagged files.

Number of Drives now more accurate.

Ctrl-Tag prompts for filename filter.

Show processor type and number of floppies
in Information display.

Copy now works on read-only files.

V1.30 22/11/1989 Add DOS Shell and user defined commands

Add Global display option

Context sensitive help improved and
extended to menus

Co-proc detection improved

Cosmetic changes/improvements

Mouse support extended to Help and all

Add sub-directory only option

Ctrl-C now works in Directory mode

Bug in displayed volume name after Log
drive now fixed.

V1.31 07/01/1990 Display lines in config menu fixed if no
EGA or VGA Adaptor.

V1.52 07/04/1990 Mouse support dramatically improved including
scroll bars, mouse selection of files,
directories and commands.

Zoom mode introduced

User defined commands improved.

Context sensitive help extended

Xplore for text string introduced

Use of overlays (using EMS if installed)

Function of Shell modified and Ctrl-Shell
introduced (see docs)

Amount of EMS installed (if applicable) added
to information display

Minor cosmetic improvements.

V1.53 30/04/1990 Use of /s fixed

Naming of overlay file made more flexible

79th Column cleaned up when mouse not
installed and switching between Zoom and file

Ctrl-K D now exits from editor

When Shelling to DOS, current DOS directory
is made same as highlighted directory

V1.54 30/08/1990 Screen display when doing a MOVE while in
Zoom Mode has been fixed.

V1.55 07/09/1990 Entering Zoom Mode when less than 3 files
were in directory caused runtime error

Spurious 'Mouse dropping' was left when switching
between 25 line mode and 43/50 line mode

Deleting last file in left hand column while
in Zoom mode left part of highlight bar

V1.56 19/10/1990 File order is now saved in the configuration
file correctly

V1.57 03/11/1990 Rename directory added

Escape on 'Confirm each delete' now aborts

Ctrl-Copy now continues after 'N' to

/S when in root directory fixed

Drive name added to path display

V1.58 08/11/1990 If the number of directories was exactly the
same as the number of lines in the directory
window and a mouse was being used then ActaeOn
failed with runtime error 200. This has been

V1.59 10/11/1990 If a file was Moved from one directory to another
and the file already existed in the destination
directory and 'Y' was replied to Overwrite? then
ActaeOn failed with runtime error 005. This has been

If it was attempted to copy a file to itself
(Destination directory same as Source directory) and
'Y' was replied to Overwrite? then ActaeOn would
truncate the file to 0 bytes. Copying a file to
itself is now disallowed.

If a both buttons (or centre button) on the mouse
was pressed to tag a directory when the mouse cursor
was below the last directory then memory would
become corrupted requiring a reboot. ActaeOn now
tags the last directory.

V1.60 12/11/1990 Mouse clicking on Rename directory after the 'N'
resulted in New Directory.

Clicking on the C of CTRL with the mouse did not
select Control mode

V1.61 09/12/1990 When selecting a User Defined Command with the
ALT key which has a %Pn"text" parameter the input
field was not initialised.

V1.63 14/01/1991 Added 'sticky' ALT key to select user defined
commands with a mouse.

Added extra response to Overwrite? prompt in
CTRL-Copy when file already exists in destination
directory. It is now possible to reply 'A' (All)
which will overwrite all files in the destination
directory. This was added to ease the backing up of
tagged files.

Pressing ESC at the Overwrite? prompt now aborts the
CTRL-Copy function.

Added 'Perform' option. It is now possible to
perform the currently selected file if it is an
executable file

Added 'Remove user command' option to configuration

Added facility to change file attributes.

Added ability to edit new files. Ctrl-Edit prompts
for a filename that will be created.

Ctrl-Copy when in Zoom mode did not clear display of
tag markers when copy finished. This is now resolved

Some command line parameters when starting ActaeOn
caused a machine crash. This has been resolved.

Default colors for Mono displays are now readable.

Added 'Output' command allowing the printing of file
lists, directory tree, tagged files etc.

Resolved problems with %P in User Defined Commands.

V2.01 02/09/91 Added Browse file. Currently supports ASCII, Hex, Zip,
LZH, GIF, and DBase (DBF) files. Browsing of Zip files
requires PKUNZIP to be on the PATH or in the current
directory. Browsing of LZH files requires LHARC to be
on the PATH or in the current directory.

Info display now distinguishes between 8088, 8086 and
V30 processors

Xplore now automatically invokes Browse with the cursor
positioned on the found text.

Auto-Browse mode (Activated with Ctrl-B while in file
mode) allows the scrolling through the file list
showing the first page of the file in the directory

If a tagged file was edited the total tagged size was
not correctly updated. This is now fixed.

Limits on number of files and directories have been
increased to 7200 and 512 respectively.

Added 'Jump' command which jumps to the next tagged

Fixed errors when selected Sort option in Global mode

Pressing ESC at the Save File prompt when exiting the
editor now returns to the editor.

ActaeOn does not now beep when pressing PgDn in the
directory window when not on the last directory.

Added Tag by Size, Tag by Attribute, Tag by Date
and Tag Branch options

Pressing the Left arrow key while in directory mode
now goes to the current directory's parent.

Fixed error when deleting last file in a directory
while in Global mode.

Directory tree is now sorted into alphabetical order

Zoom display was cleared while Ctrl-Delete when
confirming each delete.

Renaming a file in Zoom mode did not update the
displayed file name.

When loading Actaeon the current DOS directory is
now highlighted.

Add ability to specify number of columns in Zoom
Mode. Pressing 2, 3, or 4 while in Zoom mode will
adjust the number of columns accordingly. Level of
detail (Name, Size, Date) varies according to the
number of columns.

Added fast drive logging. Multiple drives may be
logged, making subsequent logging of that drive
faster. Xplore will optionally search all logged

Pressing SPACE while in directory mode now toggles
the 'tagged' state of all files in the directory.

Information display now shows the amount of free
EMS and XMS memory.

4DOS users can now perform .BTM files and include
them in User defined commands.

Versions not listed in the above release history are beta test
versions and are not for general distribution.


If you have a Logitech mouse with a version of the driver less then
version 4 then the mouse cursor disappears after line 25 if in 43/50
line mode. You need to upgrade your mouse driver to fix this.

The information display does not currently distinguish between 386 and
486 processors.

It should be noted that any non-trivial software product may contain
bugs. If you find any then let me know and I'll do my best to fix them.


Users upgrading from versions of ActaeOn prior to 1.52 should delete
their ACTAEON.CFG and ACTAEON.CDF files before running the program.


A command line switch has been added so that ActaeOn reads only
the current sub-directory and its subordinates. To invoke this
option simply type


You may rename ACTAEON to something shorter (ie ACT) as long as you
also rename the help file (.HLP), the overlay file (.OVR), the
Configuration file (.CFG), the Command Definition File (.CDF), and the
Output Definition File (.ODF).

The latter three are created after selecting options in the
Configuration menu or the Output menu. So for example to have ACT as the
program name you should

REN ACTAEON.CFG ACT.CFG (if applicable)
REN ACTAEON.CDF ACT.CDF (if applicable)
REN ACTAEON.ODF ACT.ODF (if applicable)


Commercial disk vendors should see the file VENDOR.DOC

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