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COMMENT^ ** SETPRN.COM ** Last Rev. 3/11/91 ** Vincent T. Bly **
| |
| PURPOSE: Provide a easy method of setting printer parameters |
| from the DOS command level or from a batch file. |
| |
| FUNCTION: Send a user specified text string to the printer. |
| The string may contain control characters consisting |
| of decimal numbers enclosed in brackets ("[" and "]"). |
| The normal ending carriage return/line feed may be |
| suppressed by a trailing semicolon (";") or comma (",") |
| in the same manner as the BASIC LPRINT command. |
| |
| TO USE: From DOS, type SETPRN followed by a space and the text |
| string, then press . For examples, see the file |
| |
| TO MAKE: Assemble with MASM or TASM and link with LINK or TLINK. |
| Convert the resulting .EXE file to .BIN with EXE2BIN. |
| Convert the .BIN file to .COM with RENAME. |
| |
| NOTE: For the sake of simplicity, SETPRN does not make |
| extensive checks on the current state of the system. |
| This could conceivably cause problems in a multi-user |
| environment. |
| |


ORG 80H ;----------- in Program Segment Prefix
NUM_CHARS LABEL BYTE ;number of characters in argument
ARGTX LABEL BYTE ;start of text (after leading blank)

ORG 100H ;---------- start of actual program
;(this ORG 100H is necessary for a .COM file)

;~~ Check command line argument & set-up to read it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
START: MOV BX,OFFSET ARGTX ;point to start of text argument
MOV CL,[NUM_CHARS] ;set CX to number of chars in argument
MOV CH,0 ; "
CMP CX,2 ;is there at least 1 char after blank?
JAE START1 ;if so, skip ahead
JMP LST_DOC ;if not, print documenation summary
START1: SUB CX,2 ;discount char count for leading blank
;and possible trailing "," or ";"
CMP CX,0 ;is there only one character?
JE TERM ;if so, handle w/termination routine

;~~~ Parse argument & convert control codes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
CHAR_2_PRN: MOV DL,[BX] ;get character
CMP DL,'[' ;is it the control prefix char?
JNE SEND_IT ;if not, go print char
MOV AL,0 ;initialize char value to 0
MOV DH,10D ;digit multiplier
CONVERT_DIGIT: INC BX ;skip to next char
DEC CX ; "
MOV DL,[BX] ;get char code into DL
JZ EXIT2 ;exit if at end of text (CX = 0)
CMP DL,']' ;is it the control code suffix?
JE PRE_SEND_IT ;if so, go prepare to print code
SUB DL,'0' ;convert digit code to value
MUL DH ;mult. char value (in AL) by 10
ADD AL,DL ;add digit value to char value
JMP CONVERT_DIGIT ;loop back to convert next digit
PRE_SEND_IT: MOV DL,AL ;put converted code into DL

;~~~ Send character to printer & loop back for next ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
SEND_IT: CALL PRNT_CHR ;go print character in DL
INC BX ;point to next character
LOOP CHAR_2_PRN ;repeat until done

;~~~ Handle termination with ";" or "," ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
TERM: MOV DL,[BX] ;get last character
CMP DL,';' ;is it a semicolon?
JE COMPLETE ;if so, skip to completion routine
CMP DL,',' ;is it a comma?
JNE CR_LF ;if not, go print CR & LF
MOV DL,09 ;set DL to tab character
CALL PRNT_CHR ;go print tab
JMP COMPLETE ;skip to completion routine
CR_LF: CALL PRNT_CHR ;go print last character
CR_LF1: MOV DL,0DH ;set DL to carriage return
CALL PRNT_CHR ;go print CR
MOV DL,0AH ;set DL to line feed
CALL PRNT_CHR ;go print LF

;~~~ Display termination message & return to DOS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
COMPLETE: MOV DX,OFFSET MESSAGE ;point to completion message
MOV AH,9 ;code for DOS display string function
INT 21H ;display message via DOS function call
EXIT1: INT 20H ;terminate via DOS function call
MESSAGE: DB '* Done *$'

;~~~ Display documentation summary if null argument ~~ (added 3/11/91 VB) ~~~~
LST_DOC: MOV CX,23 ;number of lines of summary
MOV DX,OFFSET DOC ;point to start of documentation list
MOV BX,DX ;point to DB 1 first time through
DOC_LOOP: XOR AH,AH ;get string length into AX
ADD DX,AX ;point to # before string
MOV BX,DX ;save #'s address in BX
PUSH BX ;save before INT, just to be sure
INC DX ;point DX to start of string
MOV AH,9 ;code for DOS display string function
INT 21H ;display string via DOS function call
POP DX ;restore regs
LOOP DOC_LOOP ;repeat until all lines displayed
INT 20H ;terminate via DOS function call

;~~~ Send one character to printer via DOS function call ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
PRNT_CHR: MOV AH,5 ;code for DOS printer output function
INT 21H ;send to printer via DOS function call
RET ;back to calling routine

;~~~ Handle case where end of text encountered while parsing control code ~~~~
EXIT2: CMP DL,']' ;is it the control code suffix?
JNE TERM ;if not, go do normal completion
;(w/o printing control code)
MOV DL,AL ;else, put control code in DL
CALL PRNT_CHR ;go print control code
JMP CR_LF1 ;go print CR/LF & complete (3/21/86 VB)

;~~~ Documentation summary text data ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
DOC: DB 1 ; dummy value to jump-start loop
DB 53, 0DH,0AH,' *** SETPRN by Vince Bly Rev. 3/11/91 ***',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 4, 0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 57, ' USAGE: (from the DOS command line or a batch file)',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 35, ' SETPRN string_to_print',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 4, 0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 58, ' where - string_to_print is any string of printable',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 59, ' characters. The string should NOT be enclosed',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 58, ' in quotes, although quotes may be included in',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 22, ' the text.',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 59, ' Non-printable control codes may be included',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 61, ' by enclosing their decimal ASCII value in square',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 45, ' brackets--see the example below.',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 58, ' A terminating semicolon (";") may be added',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 57, ' to suppress a CR-LF, or a comma (",") may be',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 59, ' appended to advance to the next tab stop--like',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 38, ' the BASIC LPRINT command.',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 4, 0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 16, ' EXAMPLES:',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 40, ' SETPRN This is a test 01234',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 61, ' This prints the string "This is a test 01234"',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 26, ' SETPRN [27]E;',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 60, ' This sends the control string ESC "E" to the',0DH,0AH,'$'
DB 38, ' printer without a CR-LF.$'


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