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November 03, 1991

Welcome to QuickPrint version 2.75!

To start the program type QP at the DOS prompt. This will
display a list of files in your curent directory. Use the arrow keys
to scroll down to "QP.DOC" and press .

You may go directly into the documentation file by typing
"QP QP.DOC". To print the file press the ALT-P combination
once you are are viewing the file.

Changes in version 2.75...

** Configurable settings are now saved as new defaults.
* Can now set number of characters printed per line (ALT-W)
* The footer now honors the left hand margin setting and
will line up with the text.
* The highlighted filename in the directory listing is
now additionaly highlighted with an arrow on mono
monitors to correct a bug where the highlight bar is
sometimes not visible.

Changes in version 2.70...

- Bug fixed with memory allocation when printing multiple
blocks of text.
- Block feature enhaced.
- File delete and file rename features added to directory.

Changes in version 2.60...

- Bug fixed when printing on laser printers. First line
of text on each page is now correctly lined up on left
hand side.
- Much better directory handling. Can now use dos wildcards.
- Can toggle the footer and page numbering on and off.
- Bug fixed in display of page number.
- Bug fixed when highlighting blocks of text.
- PgUp and PgDn keys when viewing the file directory
now leave the scroll bar alone - they no longer center
the bar in the middle of the screen.

Changes in version 2.50...

- Can now print blocks of text!
- F1 calls up a help screen
- Upper right hand corner now displays page number ( instead
of screen number )
- Can send a formfeed to the printer with Alt-F
( formfeeds are now *not* automatically sent to
printer at the beginning of a print job )
- Can send a linefeed to printer with Alt-R
- Alt-X now used to exit program directly to DOS
- Space bar now used to tag/untag filenames
- Alt-D can delete all tagged filenames at once
- Bug fixed in restoring cursor on mono monitors
- Bug fixed when scrolling up
- Bug fixed to prevent double reading of last line of text

Changes in version 2.01...

- Can now press to exit the Alt-M and Alt-N procedures
without changing the values. Input is not required as it
previously was.
- Several bugs were fixed related to these two procedures.

Changes in version 2.00...

- Can now print with line numbers ( ALT-L )
- User ability to change number of lines printed per page ( ALT-N )
- User ability to add a margin to left side of page ( ALT-M )
- Faster loading of file into memory
- Time added to footer
- File pick list now shows time in civilian time
- Fixed bug in the detection of formfeeds
- Fixed bug that somtimes caused footer to be printed
lower on the page if long lines of text wrapped around
and took two printed lines on the page
- Better error handling of printer problems
- Fixed minor bug with number of pages to print display
(on the bottom line)
- Bug Fixed that locked program when selecting
a list of files
- Changed the configuration of the bar windows

Changes in version 1.5 ...

- Support for tagging and printing multiple files
- Faster loading of files into memory
- Repeatedly pressing a character key while in the
picklist will scroll you through the list of files
beginning with that character ( enhanced searching )
- Space bar can now be used to stop printing
- Colors have been changed

Thank you.

Joseph L. DeRose CompuServe # 71541,743
825 Dora Place GEnie: J.DeRose1
Bel Air, MD 21014

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