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Print It Version 6.1 - specifically designed to print ASCII files without printing over the perforation strip.
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Print It Version 6.1 – specifically designed to print ASCII files without printing over the perforation strip.
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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

The following is a (somewhat) brief history of improvements and
changes to PrintIt!.

Version 6.1

1) Just when you think you've got them all (nuts!). Fixed a bug where
if you are printing a single file, and use the printer setting utility
when the printer is not ready; pressing 0 (zero) to exit erroneously
set the mode detect back to zero. This caused single files that
were printing in a mode other the 10 cpi to form feed prematurely if
the file contained lines that exceeded 80 characters. Did not effect
files stacked in the queue.
2) Fixed a minor bug in the registered version where if you pressed Esc
in the "mask" field, the mask would sometimes return as "*."

Version 6.0

1) A queue function! The shareware version allows you to stack up
two files to print consecutively, up to nine in the registered
version, each with its own settings in both versions.
2) PTSET utility of version 5.3 built into main program.
3) Can change the file "mask" to shorten the number of files
displayed in the file box, e.g. *.DOC to display only files
ending in DOC.
4) In mashed mode, if there is not enough room on the current drive
to build the temporary file if needed, it can be built in the
root directory of a different drive that you select.
5) Detects if disk becomes full when creating a temporary file for
printing in mashed mode. Again, gives you the option then to
build the temp file on another drive.
6) Printer commands can be disabled from the command line. Necessary
if your printer is not an Epson, Toshiba, or compatible and you are
printing more than one file.
7) Improvements and work-arounds for some Epson and compatible
printers that generate error messages that they are not on-line
when in fact they are.
8) Lines that are too long and wrap to the next line which cause files to
print across the perfs accounted for so that doesn't happen. Can be
remedied usually just by setting the printer to 12cpi if you have an
Epson or compatible printer.
9) Accepts a longer file name, up to 65 characters.
10) Support for Toshiba printers added.

Read the main document for a thorough explanation of these changes
and improvements.

Version 5.3

1) Fixed problem where if the printer was turned off when
printing mashed text, program bombed out when key was pressed
at the prompt to exit.
2) Added utility to set printer character width, read the
document for explanation. (Built into version 6.0).

Version 5.2

1) Size of tabs is now allowed when printing in mashed mode.
2) Keyboard strokes are flushed (thrown out) after the opening
in the ShareWare version to keep the program from falling
immediately back to the DOS prompt if you were pressing Esc
in an attempt to stop it (which you can't).
3) Fixed a couple of other really minor bugs.

Version 5.1

1) Finally fixed the problem where the file box would come
up in color when you forced the mono mode.
2) Also fixed the occasional problem where the file "mask" at
the top of the file box would show a garbled mess for the
file path.

Version 5.0

1) Another massive rewrite of the program to implement some
better ideas.
2) Ability to mash text added; prints text in two condensed
columns per page (limit is imposed on line length).
3) Printing can be stopped by pressing the Esc key, (one of
the new and brighter ideas I should have added before).

Version 4.0

1) Complete rewrite of the program.
2) Full access to any file of the drive you are on.
3) A couple of minor bug fixes in the printing algorithms.

Version 3.31

1) Fixed another minor bug in the file name parser.
2) Added the ability to control the size of tabs.

Version 3.3

1) Treats files with a single page break at the end of the file
as having none.
2) Gives the character count of the longest line in the file to
help you decide how big of a pad you can use, or if you need
to put your printer in condensed mode.

Version 3.2

1) (A biggy!) now prints ANY text file, including those which
already have page breaks in them.
2) Now detects binary files and will refuse to print them.
3) Color added to error messages for better legibility.

Version 3.1

1) Fixed minor bug where depending on the position of the page breaks
in a file, first line of the next page would not be padded.

Version 3.0

1) Ability to back-up to previous prompts.

Version 2.0

1) Fixed bug where full 12 character name resulted in "Invalid DOS name".
2) Program can be exited at any time before printing starts.
(Press at the file name prompt).
3) Program detects printer being turned off during printing.

Version 1.0

1) A (sigh!) buggy version of PrintIt! lands on the unsuspecting public.

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