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P R I N T P L U S V6.90

There is now a "TRASHCAN" option in the FILE MENU.

When this is toggled on from the file menu by pressing "X" or
clicking on the "X", All files that are tagged, then deleted, will
be moved to the "TRASHCAN" directory instead.

When this option is changed to "Real Delete", the files will
actually be deleted. ( like in previous versions of PP)

The TrashCan option will give you a chance to keep some files
that you may have sent to the TrashCan.

If you want to really delete the files from the TrashCan, set to
Real Delete, then delete the files in the Trashcan directory.

PrintPlus will make the Trashcan directory on the drive that
PrintPlus resides.

There are now two buttons in the Mouse pointer setup under the Setup

Click on "Normal" for the traditional way PrintPlus showed the mouse
cursor. You can pick the cursor character in this mode.

Click on "Reverse" for a reverse mouse cursor, showing the characters behind
it in the reverse colors.

If you have a laser printer choose the "J" option from the "F4" Printer Select
screen. This will set up a "Land" button. You can toggle from Portrait to
Landscape this way. ( the Land button will be in the PRINT MENU )

Register PrintPlus on CompuServe for FAST service.


Program title: PRINTPLUS VERSION 6.5
Registration ID: 763

Look for PrintPlus In PC Computing's "Guide to Shareware" and also,
( P64.exe ) in "DOS 6.0 POWER TOOLS" published by Bantam. p 845

Read P69.DOC ( LAST PAGE ) for 800 & Credit Card ordering.

Some people were having mouse problems, this is fixed in version 6.8.

Note: If you have experience, and would like to write the docs for V7.0 of
PrintPlus, please contact me. This release is not in the immediate future.

This version fixes the "Copy Bug" in V6.8x.

Lambert Klein
PO Box 611
Wayne MI 48184-0611 Fax: 313-467-8373
Voice: 313-467-8090

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Archive   : PRNPL691.ZIP
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