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Programs by Lambert Klein:

PrintPlus: Shareware $23.95

PrintPlus is a menu driven, mouse supported, printer and
file program.

It lets you easily control the ways files are printed.
There are a number of options for printing, including
stripping out unwanted white space between lines.

It includes a file viewer and a handy preview feature that
lets you know how many pages each file will take to print.

Output is set to LPT1 by default, but can be changed to
whatever you need, including Com port # or a filename.

You can easily change from normal type to NLQ, Condense, or
a Special setup.

You also can set margins and page length. Tractor or Single
paper feed support.

Files can be tagged for printing, copying, moving or

PrintPlus can be used as a basic hard-disk manager as well.
You can view, copy, rename, and delete files; MD, RD, and
remove empty directories. With PrintPlus, it's easy to
navigate through your hard disk.

Look for PrintPlus in Bantam's book: "DOS 6 POWER TOOLS".

Search for PRNPLS.ZIP or PRINTPxx.ZIP (xx = version

KEYWORDS: PrintPlus Print Plus Klein

SLEEK: Shareware $10.00
AOL Top Picks!

Sleek is a small, fast, command-line file reformatter.
Use it to strip all EOLS ( CR/LF ) from within paragraphs.
This makes files easy to import into WYSIWYG WWs or DTP

There is an option to change line lengths within text
files from 10 to 60,000 characters wide.

Look for SLEEK in Compute's July 93 issue and PC Disk, pg. 55


WordSmart: Shareware $14.00 WSM.ZIP or
--------------------------------- WSM1.ZIP

WordSmart starts where Sleek leaves off. As with Sleek, all
CR/LFs can be removed from paragraphs, but WordSmart also
lets you add a target file name as well as specifying the
source file name, and it supports redirection and piping.

You can set left and right margins, strip form feeds, and
remove extra spaces within lines. WordSmart will query you
before overwriting existing files, or you may use a switch to
force overwriting. Extensive error checking.

Like Sleek, WordSmart can also change text files' line
lengths for word-wrapping.

WordSmart is fully functional, as all the listed software
here is. Registration will add some "Extra" functions.

VIEW: Freeware V.ZIP

View is a simple file lister with mouse support. View files
of any length.

Look for V.ZIP

----------------------------------- FI.ZIP

File Inspector checks text files for Form Feeds, Tabs, Left
Margin, and the Length of the longest line.

Look for FI.ZIP

UD: Shareware $10.00
---------------------------- UD.ZIP

UD removes all End-Of-Lines. This means all Returns (Dec.13) and
Line feeds (Dec.10) will be removed from the target file.
UD does nothing else. It does not replace EOLs with spaces.
The target file will consist of one long line.


UNTAB replaces all TABS (decimal 9) with a the correct amount of
spaces (D32).

UNTAB is a simple utility to Quickly replace all tabs with
spaces while keeping the text format in place.

If you cannot find any of the above files contact me for
their where-abouts, or send $7.00 for a disk containing the
most current Shareware/Freeware programs.

Please indicate disk type, HD, etc.

Lambert Klein
PO Box 611
Wayne MI 48184-0611

Voice 313-467-8070 CIS 72010,624
Fax: 313-467-8373

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