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Parallel Printer Page Control Program version 1.0
by Jim Kellock

PP is a program that can perform a group of simple but sometimes vexing
tasks, moving the paper in your printer up and down, issuing a form feed,
and resetting the top of form. The program assumes that your printer is on-
line and that it contains paper. It resets the top of form to the current
line when it loads. The current line is displayed.


Entering: 1 or the F1 key moves the paper up (back) one line.
2 or the F2 key moves the paper down (forward) one line.
3 or the F3 key executes a form feed
4 or the F4 key resets the TOF to the current line
5 or the F5 key allows entry of control codes
6 or the F6 key exits the program

Using option 5 allows you to enter the control codes for your
particular printer. The program comes with the file PP.DAT
containing the default codes for IBM/EPSON printers and
compatibles. They are:

line up- CHR$(27)+CHR$(106)+CHR$(36) (for default line height)
line down- CHR$(10)
form feed- CHR$(12)
reset TOF- CHR$(27)+CHR$(64)

The screen will prompt for up to 6 values for each of the four
control codes. For the 'line up' code above, you would enter 27 and
RETURN, 106 and RETURN, and 36 and RETURN. At the prompt for the 4th
value, enter only RETURN. You will then be prompted for the 'line
down' value(s). If your printer manual instructs you to enter a character
as part of the control code, you must substitute the ASCII decimal
equivalent for that character, i.e. "@"=decimal 64. Upper and lower case
letters used in control codes can be significant, so be sure to enter the
appropriate number. For instance, "e"=decimal 101, "E"= decimal 69.

If you start the program without the file PP.DAT on the current
directory, or where a program such as SEARCH cannot find it, you will
get an error message and be required to create the file in order to

Each number to be entered will be prompted with "CHR$(". After entry
of the number, the parentheses will be closed, i.e.:
Prompt- CHR$
Entry of 27 & gives- CHR$ 27 CHR$
for next parameter, or continue to enter values (up to 6)

You may copy and distribute the program as you like. If you find it
useful and employ it regularly, please send $5.00 to:

Jim Kellock
P.O. Box 9565
Washington, DC 20016

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