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(C) by Mike Wood 1988

The 'shift print screen' bios routine is used quite often by
users, but often one would like to be able to print only the text
needed and not the whole screen. In addition to saving paper, it
would also save time. VARPRTSC.COM is a memory resident program that
will allow the user to do just this.

VARPRTSC.COM installs itself and takes over the 'Shift PrtSc'
bios routine. When is pressed, the new program will
store the current screen and then display the complete screen in re-
verse video. At this point, the user can press the key and
the whole screen will go to the printer. To choose a section of the
screen to print, use the arrow keys (Num Lock-off) to shrink the high-
light area in from the sides or top and bottom. Press the space bar
to toggle the arrow keys to make the highlighted area expand. Press
the space bar to toggle back to shrink the area. Only the text that
is highlighted will be printed.

It is important to note that the arrow keys control the same
side of the screen, whether expanding or shrinking. That is, the
up arrow controls the upper side of the screen. Pressing the up
arrow will cause the highlighted area to shrink. If the space bar
toggle is pressed, then the up arrow will cause the highlighted
area to expand. The other three keys work in similar fashion.

After the area has been selected, press to print.
When the printer is finished, press to return to the appli-
cation program. It is also possible at this point to print another
copy, or change the selected area. To cancel the function, press


VARPRTSC.COM, upon installation, first checks to see if it is
installed. If it is then, it returns to dos. If it is not installed,
then it checks to see what kind of monitor card is present.
Mono - SEG B0000
Color- SEG B8000
The program stores the proper segement and then resets INT 5
to point to it's own code. When the shift print screen button is
pressed, the program will check to see which screen mode is now in
use. If any other mode than text is being used, the program will
jump to the original print screen INT. This will allow GRAPHICS.COM
to function properly. VARPRTSC.COM will not highlight and select
portions of a graphics screen display. If text is being used, then
the program will continue as described above.


This program represents many hours of developement time and
debugging. Help fight the high cost of software by contributing
$5, if you find this program useful. Registering your copy will
allow me to send you the source code and any future updates.

Michael Wood
2075 N. Main St.
Decatur, Il. 62526

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