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º Program Customizer Utility º
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º Version 1.02 º


Copyright (c) 1989, 1990 Jeffrey A. White

CUSTOM Program Page 1


This program is used to customize programs written by the
Author. It is distributed with other programs as a means for
different users to modify these other programs to individual
preferences. It is not intended to work with programs not
specifically written to work with it, but it will not hurt other
programs if accidentally run on them.

You may change various items in another program by running
this program. Typical preference items include printer control
strings, screen colors, and default file names. Other special
items may be set in certain programs. See documentation with the
other programs for more information on user changeable items for
each program.


To execute the customization program, make sure that the
computer is logged to the drive and directory where the files
CUSTOM.EXE, progname.EXE, and progname.DVC reside. Then type:

CUSTOM progname

After it has found the proper files, it will ask for your
setup strings for the different items that may be changed. These
items are unique to each program that is available to be
customized. The file "progname.DVC" lists the items that are
available to be changed. NOTE: If you look at this file, DO NOT
CHANGE IT IN ANY WAY or CUSTOM may not work properly.

The program will show you the current setting of each of
these items. You may then change any one of them, or you may
change them all. Use the key to end an input. If you
hit return without entering any characters, then the old values
for the item will be kept. You may edit your input using the
backspace, delete, left arrow, right arrow, and insert keys. You
may scroll through the fields in a rotating fashion.

Note the on screen help for each type of setting. Please
make note of this, and enter the data in the form asked for.
Failure to do this may cause the customized program to work in
strange ways.

When done with your new settings, pressing the F10 key will
install your new settings. If you wish to abandon the program
without updating the program, you may press F1, which will
abandon the customization.

Copyright (c) 1989 Jeffrey A. White

CUSTOM Program Page 2

If the program you are customizing uses a printer, look in
the documentation of that program to see what is expected for
printer command strings. Various assumptions are used by that
program on how the printer will act regarding margins, character
width, and line height.

If you wish to eject the last page of the printout when
quitting the customized program, add a form feed character to the
beginning of the printer end string. Some printers can be setup
using the printer buttons. If you decide to do this, set the
printer code strings to NULL (\0) or other needed strings.


If CUSTOM will not start, check to make sure that the file
progname.DVC is in the same directory with the file progname.EXE.
CUSTOM will not start without both of these files.

Error conditions may also occur if the .DVC file has been
changed. Check to make sure this has not happened. Also check
to make sure that the .DVC file is the one that matches the
version of the .EXE file you are trying to customize.

Copyright (c) 1989 Jeffrey A. White

CUSTOM Program Page 3


Below is a complete list of all the colors available for use
in the customization program, CUSTOM.EXE. The colors are listed
as "foreground on background". (ex. "green on black" means green
characters on a black background.)

For different effects, try different combinations. Note
that various parts of the screen may be turned off or hidden by
using combinations of the same color (ex. blue on blue).


black on black 000 red on green 036
blue on black 001 magenta on green 037
green on black 002 yellow on green 038
cyan on black 003 white on green 039
red on black 004 bright black on green 040
magenta on black 005 bright blue on green 041
yellow on black 006 bright green on green 042
white on black 007 bright cyan on green 043
bright black on black 008 bright red on green 044
bright blue on black 009 bright magenta on green 045
bright green on black 010 bright yellow on green 046
bright cyan on black 011 bright white on green 047
bright red on black 012 black on cyan 048
bright magenta on black 013 blue on cyan 049
bright yellow on black 014 green on cyan 050
bright white on black 015 cyan on cyan 051
black on blue 016 red on cyan 052
blue on blue 017 magenta on cyan 053
green on blue 018 yellow on cyan 054
cyan on blue 019 white on cyan 055
red on blue 020 bright black on cyan 056
magenta on blue 021 bright blue on cyan 057
yellow on blue 022 bright green on cyan 058
white on blue 023 bright cyan on cyan 059
bright black on blue 024 bright red on cyan 060
bright blue on blue 025 bright magenta on cyan 061
bright green on blue 026 bright yellow on cyan 062
bright cyan on blue 027 bright white on cyan 063
bright red on blue 028 black on red 064
bright magenta on blue 029 blue on red 065
bright yellow on blue 030 green on red 066
bright white on blue 031 cyan on red 067
black on green 032 red on red 068
blue on green 033 magenta on red 069
green on green 034 yellow on red 070
cyan on green 035 white on red 071

Copyright (c) 1989 Jeffrey A. White

CUSTOM Program Page 4


bright black on red 072 bright black on white 120
bright blue on red 073 bright blue on white 121
bright green on red 074 bright green on white 122
bright cyan on red 075 bright cyan on white 123
bright red on red 076 bright red on white 124
bright magenta on red 077 bright magenta on white 125
bright yellow on red 078 bright yellow on white 126
bright white on red 079 bright white on white 127
black on magenta 080
blue on magenta 081
green on magenta 082
cyan on magenta 083
red on magenta 084
magenta on magenta 085
yellow on magenta 086
white on magenta 087
bright black on magenta 088
bright blue on magenta 089
bright green on magenta 090
bright cyan on magenta 091
bright red on magenta 092
bright magenta on magenta 093
bright yellow on magenta 094
bright white on magenta 095
black on yellow 096
blue on yellow 097
green on yellow 098
cyan on yellow 099
red on yellow 100
magenta on yellow 101
yellow on yellow 102
white on yellow 103
bright black on yellow 104
bright blue on yellow 105
bright green on yellow 106
bright cyan on yellow 107
bright red on yellow 108
bright magenta on yellow 109
bright yellow on yellow 110
bright white on yellow 111
black on white 112
blue on white 113
green on white 114
cyan on white 115
red on white 116
magenta on white 117
yellow on white 118
white on white 119

Copyright (c) 1989 Jeffrey A. White