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Why Power Printer 2.0?

As I gazed at my "Easy-set panel" and tried to decipher the instructions
when I first got my Panasonic KX-P1124 I made a terrific discovery. The
"Easy set panel" was not easy to set! I decided there had to be an easier way
to write a quick letter, to address an envelope, to change a font or any
of the hundreds of simple things a printer should do for you. So after a lot
of good old-fashioned trial and error, reading lots of references, asking
countless questions of people a lot smarter than I, learning a whole new
programming language and just plain hard work, Power Printer was born.

Power Printer 2.0

Power Printer 2.0 for the Panasonic KX-P1124 is a program designed to
take advantage of your printer's many features and font possibilities. Many
text editors have no features to change fonts or sizes, necessitating setting
up fonts on an awkward control panel. Power Printer is software driven and
will not leave your printer "stuck" in a mode. If you turn off your printer
it will come on again in your default mode. If you use the reset printer
selection in the "Release" menu you can return your printer to default mode
at any time.

Power Printer is

user-supported software. I ask that if you enjoy using the program and it
benefits you that you would send a registration fee of $15.00.
All users who register Power Printer 2.0 receive the registered version
of Power Printer with shareware screens removed, plus these utilities:
1. Swap Port: Allows you to temporarily swap your LPT ports and re-
direct commands to LPT2 and LPT3 instead of the default LPT1
2. Page Breaker: When used on an ASCII text file will automatically
break pages and place page numbers at the top of each page
3. Mortgage Finder: Find and compare mortgages and print amortization
schedules quickly and easily. Uses the same easy menu system as
Power Printer.
You may print register form from "Special" menu.

Why so cheap?

I like to buy software that is within my means. I think you are probably
like-inclined. Besides, if one million people send me $15.00 it would be like
hitting the Lottery. I also feel that that price is well within the average
user's means and I don't want people to feel guilty about using a program that
I overpriced out of their reach. You probably paid $250.00 to $300.00 dollars
for your printer. Is $15.00 too much too ask to give it some additional zip?
Please send mail and registration forms to: Herb Fogler
20113 York Rd.
Parkton Md. 21120

Make checks payable to Herb Fogler. All support will be greatly appreciated!
You may print the registration form by choosing "Print registration form" from
the "Special" menu.

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Power Printer 2.0
Panasonic KX-P1124
Registration Form



Telephone:_________________ Computer & Printer Type:_____________________
(not required)

Fee included($15.00 each):$___________

3.5"_______ 5.25"______

Where did you receive Power Printer?_____________________________________

Bug Report or comments(Please feel free to comment or report any bugs even
if you are not registering at this time.)

Overcoming Other Software

Many word processors and programs such as Windows 3.0 allow you to setup a
printer driver. That driver usually will send a command to your printer reset-
ting your printer to its default mode. (Even if you just used PP to set up to
a font with certain attributes, it will all be canceled). If that driver is to
your liking don't change a thing, and don't use PP with that program. However,
if you don't like that driver or you occasionally want to use PP to get a
feature your program doesn't have, there is usually a way to override the sug-
gested printer driver from your program. Some programs allow you to setup new
printers from within the program. Others, like Windows 3.0, will allow you to
change your printer but will ask you to insert a program disk to get a driver.
In any case, change to a driver that says either TTY, text-only printer or
daisy-wheel printer. Any of those choices should allow you to use Power
Printer without clearing out all the commands you just put in.

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Most of the selections in the menus are self explanatory, however sometimes
sending certain codes may wind up with the wrong results. Experience and the
Panasonic manual are the best teachers. Other features not from the Panasonic
manual are outlined below.
Menus are accessed with arrow keys or by a Microsoft compatible mouse.
Pressing right or left arrow keys or moving the mouse right or left moves the
hi-light bar right and left. Pressing the down arrow key, moving the mouse down,
left mouse button, or pressing the Enter key opens the pull-down menu. The Esc
key or right mouse button exits the pull down menu without selecting. Up and
down (arrow keys or mouse) or pressing the hi-lighted letter moves the
hi-light bar up and down. The Enter key or the left mouse button selects the

Editing Keys

All editing keys are available in input windows, address windows, etc. Arrow
keys, alphanumeric keys, and mouse movement and button keys are available
and need no explanation. deletes characters from the present cursor
position to the end of the line. arrow or arrow
positions the cursor at the beginning of the next or previous word.
positions the cursor at the end of a line. positions cursor at the
beginning of a line. toggles whether the character is inserted or
overwrites the existing character. deletes the character at the
cursor. deletes the character to the left of the cursor.

Floppy Labels

Power Printer features labels for floppy disks. Power Printer will read
your floppy (or hard drive) and print a regular mailing label for a 5.25 flop-
py or a regular 3.5 floppy label. Choosing a name for your label is as
simple as filling in the blank. Please be sure to choose the correct drive
and make sure there is a floppy in the drive. There are also print tests
to help you get position for those labels. If there are subdirectories on
the disk, only the directory names will show up (unless you have previously
changed to another directory before using PP). The files won't show up from
those subdirectories.

Address Labels

Address labels are designed to be printed on standard 3.5" X 15/16" tractor
feed labels. Simply follow the prompts and you shouldn't have any problems.
You may save your address to file by pressing . A future version may have
a mailing list feature if enough requests are received.

File Labels

File labels are large format one-line labels. They print from an ordinary
text file named "LABELS.TXT". Simply edit this file with a text editor and
save the file as an ASCII text file (no spaces between the lines or at the
end of the file) and you will be able to make large labels for any purpose.

Page 4

Send A Command

The Send A Command feature is designed to be used with your Panasonic manual.
You can send commands to your printer in decimal format. Say, for example, you
wanted to set your page length in lines instead of inches (which Power Printer
provides for). When prompted for the number of codes to send, you would type 3
and press Enter. Next, you would enter the codes listed in your manual under
Decimal:. You would press the numbers 27, the Enter key, 67, the Enter key,
then the number of lines from 1-127 and the Enter key. The "Send a Command"
feature facilitates your sending all other commands not specifically listed
in the Power Printer menus.

Configure Colors

New for version 2.0 is the ability to configure colors. It has come to my
attention that my original color selection did not work too well with some
monitors, so I have developed a program to customize the colors to suit
your individual taste. In addition you may choose to turn off menu shadows
or change the way the box lines show up.

Write A Quick Letter

Power Printer will allow you to temporarily shell out to your favorite text
editor or word processor. To use this feature, you must edit the file
WORDPROC.BAT and replace the program and directory named with yours. Make
sure you save this file as text only. If you want to use Power Printer with
your word processor make sure you configure your word processor to have a
TTY or Daisy wheel printer (see section on overcoming other software).

Address An Envelope

Envelopes may now be easily addressed and printed with spacing already fig-
ured for a number 10 business envelope or a 6 & 3/4 envelope. All editing keys
are available. A 6 3/4 is a 3 5/8" by 6 1/2" common envelope. The Panasonic
manual states that it does not recommend printing an envelope less than a
number 10 in size. The reason for this is that when loading a shorter envelope
it may miss the third pinch wheel. After some experimentation I have
discovered that you can manually center a 6 3/4 envelope and still hit all
three pinch wheels. Note: I have changed the margins on this feature (6 3/4
only) to print properly only when centered between the three pinch wheels.
The number 10 envelope may still be pushed to the left side.

IBM version

New for version 2.0 is an IBM X24 Mode version. Please see your Panasonic
manual for instructions on changing to this mode. The X24 mode has several
differences and limitations. You can note these by comparing menus or your
manual. Especially notable is the inability to print tiny 20 CPI text. The
floppy labels use 20 CPI to print so many files, only in the Epson mode. The

Page 5

floppy labels for the X24 version use 17 CPI superscript, so the amount of
files that can be printed are cut by about 25%. If you typically have a lot
of files on your disks you may want to setup in Epson LQ2500 mode.

Jumping Back and Forth

In the quit menu, I have added the capability of jumping from one version
to the other. However this DOES NOT change your printer from Epson to IBM X24
mode. That has to be done on your control panel (see your manual). I have
talked to the Panasonic "Tech" people, who confirm that there is no way to
switch by way of software commands (sorry).

Hey I Can't Seem To Change
Fonts or Sizes!

If you have set up your printer in the macro modes (see your manual), you
may be set up so that your fonts or sizes or other selections are "locked".
You should reserve one of your macros in program mode so that this program
(or any other) may switch the many selections of your printer. If you have
accidentally set your macros up this way, you will have to carefully read
your Panasonic manual to undo this process.


Power Printer 2.0 is offered as is. I am not responsible for any damages to
systems or hardware. You may distribute Power Printer (the shareware version
only) freely as long as no fee is accepted outside of a small fee for
materials and handling, not to exceed $6.00.
Panasonic KX-P1124 is a trademark of the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,
Ltd. Osaka, Japan.
Proprinter X24 is a trademark of International Business Machines Corp.
IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Corp.
Epson is a registered trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation.

Power Printer 2.0
Copyright 1991 Herb Fogler. All rights reserved.

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