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Description of PMENU3, Version 3.2, the intelligent memory resident printer
control menu for EPSON or 100% compatible printers, released March 21, 1988.

At right is the current PMENU3 Version 3.2 Menu. +=======[ PMENU3 3.2 ]======+
There are some good changes with this release. | [R] Reset to Normal |
PMENU3 is unloadable! Hit F10 twice. It now | [A] Babyface |
checks to see if it is already loaded, and will | [B] Bold |
not load again. With this release, it was | [C] Condensed |
compiled under Turbo Pascal 4.0, so it is now | [D] Double Strike |
an .EXE file instead of a .COM file. PMENU3 uses | [E] Elite |
36K of memory and is compatible with other | [F] Form Feed |
resident programs. It operates under PC-DOS | [I] Italics |
2.1 or MS-DOS equivalent (or higher) on the IBM | [L] Line Feed |
PC, XT, AT, or compatible. | [M] Left Margin Indent |
| [N] NLQ [X] Draft |
PMENU3 was originally released in August of | [P] Pica |
1985 and has been revised numerous times based | [S] Skip Page Break |
on requests from registered users. A similar | [U] Underline |
program, PROMENU, was developed for the IBM | [W] Wide |
Proprinter and released in March of 1987. | [Z] Disable Buzzer |
| [F1] Superscript |
The author, Bob Nance, develops programs in | [F2] Subscript |
Pascal and dBASE for the IBM PC for NEWLIFE | [F6] 1/6" Line spacing |
Software. For more information: | [F7] 7/72" Line spacing |
Bob Nance | [F8] 1/8" Line spacing |
NEWLIFE Software | |
P. O. Box 837 | Command, [F10], or ESC |
Clarksdale, MS 38614 +===========================+

New users may "test drive" PMENU3 for a month. If, after that time, you are
not using it, please delete it. If you are using it, send $15 to the program
author above. Support and improvements to PMENU3 are not possible unless
users register by sending in the registration fee. Registered users may
obtain updates from the NEWLIFE Christian BBS @ 601-627-5582, a 24 hour
Bulletin Board system.