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PrintFile 2.0A - README file
Son Productions

PrintFile is a free utility to print files with a few useful options.

Files that should be included in this archive:

DESC.SDI : Description of PrintFile for Wildcat! and other BBS's
FILE_ID.DIZ : Description of PrintFile for PCBoard and other BBS's
README : This file with extra information about PrintFile 2.0A
PF.EXE : PrintFile 2.0A Executable
PF.DOC : PrintFile 2.0A Documentation
PF.CFG : Sample PrintFile Configuration file
FILELIST.SMP : Sample Batch Mode file list

Any other files in this archive are not authorized by the author.


12/7/91 - Initial Release

1/1/92 - Released as Version 1.1
Bug Fixes: None (No bugs)
- Now has WildCard Support

1/12/92 - Released as Version 1.2
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug where PF wouldn't do a page feed after the first
- Fixed bug where wildcards would not work if you used a
directory. (e.g. "PF C:\*.BAT" did not work - Now it does)
- Rewrote some code to slightly shrink .EXE size.
Additions: None

1/22/92 - Released as Version 1.3
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug where PF didn't properly do page feeds if it
encountered a page feed in the file.
- Added /Bxx option. Allows you to tell PF the maximum number
of blank lines to print. Defaults to 0 (no limit).
- Added /Lxx option. Allows you tell PF the number of lines
per page. Defaults to 66.
(Thanks to Dave Durant for this suggestion.)

2/22/92 - Released as Version 1.4
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed bug where PF incorrectly handled a filename like
- Improved File Handling.
- Now prints hidden, read-only, and system files.
- Improved Error Checking.
- Change /Bxx and /Lxx to /B:xx and /L:xx, respectively.
- Added /O:xx option to specify where output is to go.

3/31/92 - Released as Version 2.0
Bug Fixes: None (no bugs)
- Changed the /P command (Skip Perforations) to /F.
- A new display when printing - This shows all the
options settings, and give status of the current file
that is being printed. There is an option to turn
this off (/NODISPLAY or /NOD)
- Added Quiet Mode. When this is on, nothing will be
shown on the screen. (/QUIET or /Q)
- Improved the help system. Now has help for each
individual command (/?:xxxx)
- Added option that will cause PrintFile to
replace all high ASCII characters from #176(°) to
#223(ß) with an "*" (/*)
- Added option to print a header at the start of each file,
and, when Skip Perforations is on, each page. This header
includes File Name, Size, and the date it was printed on.
- Added option to print all text in upper case (/UPPER or
- Added option to print all text in lower case (/LOWER or
- Added option to truncate each line at a certain column
- Added an option to show the file status in a window, so
that the options settings will not scroll off the screen.
- Added an option to tell PF how many copies to print of
each file (/C:xxxx)
- Added "Batch Mode" Operation. Pass PF a filename with an
"@" before it, and it will print all file listed in the file.
(See sample file list - FILELIST.SMP)
- And, Last (Whew!), the PF.CFG was added. This will help you
manage all these commands. PF will search for this
configuration file, and read all commands from it as if they
were on the command line. Anything in that file after a ";"
will be ignored. (See Sample PF.CFG)
6/27/92 - Released as Version 2.0A
- This release is only for a change of address of the author.
There are no fixes, or enhancements.
- Also, the author is no longer available on the RIME Network.
This is due to the fact that there are no RIME BBS's in his

Future Plans:

A graphical PrintFile with a shell. This is currently in the works.

If you think of something you'd like to see added, please let me know.


Please glance over the documentation, and then enjoy PrintFile!

Questions may be mailed to me at:

John Campion
86 Collins Circle
Hanover, PA 17331

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