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Version 2.0A

Son Productions

"Committed to quality shareware
at quality prices"

Written by John Campion.
86 Collins Circle
Hanover, PA 17331, USA


Table of Contents

1. Disclaimer.....................................1

2. Hardware Requirements..........................1

3. Instructions for use...........................1

4. PF.CFG - PrintFile's Configuration File........2

5. Donations......................................3

6. Miscellaneous..................................4

PrintFile 2.0A Page 1


I hate long disclaimers, so I'll make this as short as
possible. This software is provided AS IS, and I make no guaran-
tees on it working on every type of computer (from XT's to
Cray's), or on every monitor (Hercules to XGA). I am not
responsible for any damage inflicted by incorrect usage of
this program (Although I don't believe it is possible).
I have tried to make the software as bug-free as humanly
possible. I believe that it WILL work on every type of IBM
Compatible, with every monitor, but, like I said, there are no
PrintFile may be legally distributed and copied without
written permission from the author, provided no files in this
archive are changed or altered in any way. No one may charge for
giving away this program, except for a maximum price of $3.00 for
a disk with PrintFile on it.
PrintFile is freeware, or shareware, whichever you prefer
(or can afford). See page 2 (Donations) for details.
There, was that short enough?


PrintFile requires:

o Any IBM Compatible computer with at least 45k free RAM.
o A Printer. (PF is designed to work with printers, but
I'm sure that it would work with any TSR that redirects
printer output to a file, although that would defeat
the whole purpose of this program.)
o A monitor is not necessary, but it might be helpful to
see what you are typing!


PrintFile is a program that does just that - print files.
The only thing that makes it any different from any other
file printer is the options that it has. Well, this shouldn't
be too complicated, as this a very simple and straightforward
program. The whole thing is run from the command line.
Here the syntax and a list of the options.

SYNTAX: PF [options] [@]Filename
Items in []'s are optional.
/?,/H:xxxx: This shows you a help screen.
If xxxx is a legal parameter,
additional help is given for that

/* : When this switch in on, PrintFile
replaces all high ASCII characters
from #176(°) to #223(ß) with *'s.
This is for printers that cannot
print these characters.

PrintFile 2.0A Page 2


/B:xxxx : Where xxxx is the maximum number of
blank lines that you want PF to
print. Defaults to 0 (no limit).

/C:xxxx : This tells PrintFile to print xxxx
copies of each file.

/E : This will eject the last page
after the file is done printing.
This makes it easier to tear the
last page out.

/F : Page Feeds, or, if you wish, skip
perforations. This is for long
files, and it will skip page
perforations, so that the text
doesn't print on it. (Don't you
hate it when that happens?)

/HEADER : When on, PrintFile will print a header
at the start of every file, and, when
page feeds are on, the top of every
page. The file name, size and the
date the file is being printed are on
the header. It looks something like:

PF.DOC 13578 bytes Saturday, 3/28/92

/I : This sends an initial page feed.
In other words, this starts a new
page in the printer.

/L:xxxx : Where xxxx is the number of lines
on a page for your printer.
Defaults to 66.

/LOWER : Or /LOW. When on, PrintFile prints
the text in all lower case.

/O:xxxx : Where xxxx is where the output is
to go.
Acceptable values are:
AUX Auxiliary Device (Usually COM1)
CON Console (Screen)
PRN Printer (Usually LPT1)
COM1 Communications Port 1
COM2 Communications Port 2
LPT1 Line Printer 1
LPT2 Line Printer 2

PrintFile 2.0A Page 3


LPT3 Line Printer 3
AnyName.Ext - Disk File.

/NODISPLAY: Or /NOD. When on, PrintFile will not
show the file printing status display.

/QUIET,/Q : When on, PrintFile will not show
anything on the screen.

/T:xxxx : When this is specified, PrintFile
will truncate all lines at the xxxx

/UPPER : Or /UP. When on, PrintFile prints
the text in all upper case.

/W : When this switch is on, PrintFile will
display the file printing status info
in a window. This is so the options
settings will not scroll off the

The "/"'s may be replaced with "-"'s, if you like "-"'s
better. Also, the options are NOT case sensitive.

1) May be a legal DOS filename. You may include a
path, but it's not necessary, if the file is in
the current directory. Wildcards are fully
supported. This means that you may use a filename
like *.TXT.
2) May be a legal DOS filename in the current directory,
with an "@" before it. This is batch mode. Each
file listed in the file list will be printed.


A Display of FILELIST.EXT:


Each of these files will be printed.


Each time it is run, PrintFile searches the current directo-
ry and the path for PF.CFG. If this file is found, PrintFile
will read all commands out of it.
This file is a pure ASCII file with one command option or
switch per line. Anything preceded by a semi-colon(;) is
The purpose of this file is to make the commands that the
user frequently uses the default. This way, the user does not
have to enter the commands every time he/she runs PrintFile.

PrintFile 2.0A Page 4


An Example PF.CFG:

/W ;This is a comment, and is ignored.
/F ;This is so the page perforations are always skipped.
/C:2 ;Always Print two copies.
/B:10 ;Never print more than ten blank lines.


PrintFile is a freeware program. However, it can be share-
ware if you would rather it. I am not demanding money for it,
but no donations are refused. If you send a donation of $5.00 or
more (to help support my efforts), I will send you a disk (either
size) with shareware version of any programs I have written. (At
this point, that's two.) You will also be eligible for discounts
on any of my shareware programs (I'll send you all of them on the
disk). If you wish to receive what I mentioned above, please
send $5.00 (US Currency) to the address in "Ways to Contact the
Author", and a note telling me where I can locate you (your
address), disk size, and whether or not you're on the RIME
If, however, you can't afford to send any donations, but you
like, and/or use the program often, please let me know that you
appreciate it (and you don't have to feel guilty). See "Ways to
Contact the Author" under Miscellaneous.


1. Ways to contact author

A) U.S. Mail

My address is:

John Campion
86 Collins Circle
Hanover, PA 17331, USA

PrintFile 2.0A Page 5

B) Support BBS

My Support BBS is:

Ed's Home Exchange BBS in Columbia, MD.
Sysop: Ed Bachmann
Node 1 - (410) 730-2917 - 1200/2400/9600/14400 bps
With a USRobotics Dual
Node 2 - (301) 854-3076 - 1200/2400/9600 bps
With a USRobotics 9600bps
(Node 2 is PC-Pursuitable through WASHDC)

Many thanks to Ed for letting me use his board.

2. Other Programs written by me.

- Simple Menu 1.0 due to be released at the end of summer.
Takes less than 100k of disk space, has full mouse sup-
port, sub-menus, passwords, and is fully configurable.
It's easy to setup, and even easier to use.

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