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Versions 1.2 & 1.3
Copyright 1989, Gene Elias

This is a setup program for the Panasonic KX-P1124 24-pin dot
matrix printer. Although this printer has a very convenient EZ Set
Operator panel, I found that setting some features via the panel was a
clumsy operation for me. I still find it more convenient to set some
features from software menus, ergo this program.

PAN1124E is for use with the printer set to the Epson LQ2500 mode.
PAN1124I is for use with the printer set to the IBM Proprinter X24
mode. According to Panasonic Tech Support, the only way to switch
between the IBM Proprinter and Epson LQ2500 modes is via the front
panel "Initial Setup" mode. See pages 3-12 to 3-16 of your manual.

When you first enter the program, you will see a logo. If the
version is 1.2, then it is for the IBM Proprinter X24 mode. If the
version is 1.3, then it is for the Epson LQ2500 mode.

The menu bar may be moved with either the up/down arrow cursor
keys or with the space bar.

To select a menu item, either point to the menu choice with the
moving bar and press or simply press the highlighted letter
for that menu item.

Pressing will exit from any menu or from the program, if you
are at the main menu.

If you run the print test with the printer in IBM mode and set to
Graphics Character Set I, you will get a beep and a formfeed somewhere
in the middle of the test. It's not the fault of this program.

I've omitted several commands that I seldom use, ie., graphics
density, downline load, etc. If you find this program useful and
would like some features added, just drop me a line or leave me a
message on one of the BBS's mentioned below. If time permits, and you
say the magic word 'please,' I'll be happy to modify the program, if
it is possible.

There is no charge for using this utility. If hope you find this
program useful; if so, a card or message warm fuzzy would be welcome.
If you find a bug, PLEASE let me know the whereabouts of the pest.

Gene Elias
14010 Fairway Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78217

Abbey Road BBS (512) 590-6036
Alamo PC UG BBS (512) 654-7756
Telstar BBS (512) 822-8882
SAHUG-Zenith BBS (512) 341-0586

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Archive   : PANP1124.ZIP
Filename : PAN1124.TXT

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