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Prin-Trol - Ver 1.2
Printer Control Utility
Operator's Manual
Issue Date - 08/04/88

I. Introduction

Prin-Trol is an easy-to-use, memory resident printer control
utility designed to be compatible with dot matrix printers. The
following is a brief description of the functions performed by

* Change character settings - Options - 10 char/Inch
- 12 Char/Inch
- 17 Char/Inch

* Change Lines/Inch settings - Options - 6 Lines/Inch
- 8 Lines/Inch

* Change Print Quality - Options - Draft Mode
- Near Letter Quality

* Change Fonts - Options - Default
- Italic

* Other Characteristics - Page Eject
- Enhanced Printing

* Select a New Printer - Prin-Trol will allow the selection
of a new printer at any time.

* Unload From Memory - Optionally, Prin-Trol can be unloaded
from memory at any time.(It must be
the last program loaded in this case)
This might be done to recover memory
for another application - Prin-Trol
uses approximately 41 K when resident.

* Add, change or delete printer definition files at any time,
even while memory resident. An unlimited number of printer
definition files can be constructed.

* Since Prin-Trol is memory resident, it can be run in the
middle of other programs. (Spreadsheets, Word Processors,
Database Management Systems, Etc.)

II. Installation of Prin-Trol

Prin-Trol consists of two programs. The first is called PRTCDE.EXE
and is the memory resident primary program. The second is called
PRTMNT.EXE and is the printer definition file maintenance program.
In addition to these programs, there are several sample printer
definition files for some popular dot matrix printers. All of these
files end with the extension prt. This is not a requirement of
the memory resident program, but rather for some consistency in
file names. In addition, this file PRTCDE.DOC is also included
as well as a batch file called install.bat.

- 1 -

To install Prin-Trol, place the diskette in Drive A and key A:
The Drive\Sub-Directory would be C:\printer if Prin-Trol were
to be installed on drive C, sub-directory printer. If necessary,
this sub-directory will be created and the appropriate files copied
into it. Prin-Trol will allow loading a new printer definition
file provided that an appropriate path command is included in
the autoexec.bat file. To accomplish this, refer to the following
example below:

If Prin-Trol was loaded to a sub-directory of drive C
named Printer, then the path command would be:
path c:\printer

Once this is done and executed, both Prin-Trol and printer
definition files can loaded from any sub-directory on your hard
disk. Once the above steps are completed, Prin-Trol is ready for

III. Use of Prin-Trol

To execute Prin-Trol, type the following:

PRTCDE printer-definition-file-name
Example PRTCDE EPSON286.PRT 1 loads the Epson FX-286 file
to be displayed in white on black. This is indicated
by the 1 after the printer definition file
To install PRTCDE on a color monitor, substitute a 2 in
place of the 1. The menu will then be displayed in white
on blue.

There is a space between PRTCDE,the printer difintion file name
and the 1 or 2. If the 1 or 2 is not specified, the menu will
be displayed in white on black.
The printer definition files are the files that have the prt
extension on your Prin-Trol diskette. A message in the upper left
hand corner of the screen will be displayed. Prin-Trol is
activated by pressing the ALT key together with the TAB key. This
is done by holding the ALT key down and then pressing the TAB key.

The menu of printer options is then displayed on the right side of
the screen. The options are highlighted with a reverse video bar,
starting with the page eject function. To select a function, use
the up and down arrow keys to move the bar to the desired function.
Now, press the Return key. An asterisk will appear immediately to
the left of the function description. When mutually exclusive
functions are selected or changed, the other functions are cleared
and the asterisk is blanked.

As soon as the asterisk is displayed, the printer will be reset.
Be sure that your printer is on-line. The menu will stay on the
screen until one of two actions is taken. Pressing the Escape key
or the highlighted Quit option will clear the screen and place you
back in your previous application. Highlighting the Quit & Unload
option will remove Prin-Trol from memory. It is no longer memory
resident and will not respond to for activation.
This option would be appropriate if you need to load a large
spreadsheet or run a memory intensive application. In these cases,
the 41K may be needed. For most other situations, it will make

- 2 -

sense to just Escape and leave Prin-Trol memory resident.

NOTE: In order to unload Prin-Trol safely, it must have been the last
last program loaded. (DOS doesn't like leaving holes in memory!)
You can load Prin-Trol before other memory resident applications,
but in these cases, unloading will not be allowed.(A beep will be
heard instead. Prin-Trol has been designed to recognize
Sidekick and will not allow be loaded after it. Re-boot and load
Prin-Trol before Sidekick.

SPECIAL NOTE: The use of either the enhanced print or Italic font
requires the execution of the Off option on the menu to eliminate
that printer characteristic. Check your printer manual for other
restrictions on combined characteristics. (Example - some printers
will not support Near Letter Quality with 17 Char/Inch)
Prin-Trol provides the capability to support users with multiple
printers. If you have two printers connected to your PC, you can
easily load another printer definition file when you switch printers.
To do this, select option N. Key in the printer file name in the
space provided and press the return key. The new printer file
will be loaded and the menu will be displayed with the new file
description in the heading. All the printer codes now apply to
the new printer.

IV. Use of the Printer Definition Maintenance Program

The Printer Definition Maintenance Program provides a means to
create new printer definition files and maintain them with any
needed changes. To execute the program, key PRTMNT from the
defined Prin-Trol sub-directory. A menu of options will then be
displayed. To Add a new printer, select the add option.
Enter the file name of file to be added. (Use a consistent naming
convention such as the prt extension used for the sample files)
If the file already exits, an error message will be displayed.
Enter a new name. Note:Maximum of eight characters and a three
character extension. Next enter the description to appear at
top of the menu (Maximum of fifteen characters). All other
entries are simply the decimal control codes to be sent to the
printer to set the given characteristic. The first character of
each entry is the number of control codes to follow. (This can
be 1, 2 or 3) NOTE: If your printer does not support one of the
menu options, place a 1 in this field and put 000 for the first
control code. All control codes should be three digits (10
would be 010, 0 would be 000). Refer to your printer manual for
the decimal control codes. Continue entering the codes for all
the options. A message to press any key at the end of the Add
function will be displayed. The menu will again be displayed.

To change a printer file, select the change option. Enter the
printer file name. If it doesn't exist, an error message will
be displayed. Re-enter the name again. A number will be
displayed to the left each of the printer characteristcs.

- 3 -

Key the number corresponding to the option to be changed. The
option will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, together
with room to enter the new codes. Key them just as with the add
function above.
When you complete one change, you will be given an option to
continue with more changes to this file. If you enter a Y then
additional changes can be made. A N response will return you to
the menu.

To delete an existing printer file, select the delete option from
the menu. Enter the file name. If it doesn't exist an error
message will be displayed. Re-enter the file name. If the file
does exist, it will be displayed on the screen. Answer Y to
delete the file or N to just return to the menu.
To view an existing printer file, select the view option from the
menu. Enter the file name. If it doesn't exist, an error
message will be displayed. Re-enter the file name. The file
will then be displayed on the screen. Press any key to return to
the menu.

To quit the file maintenance program, simply select the quit
option. You will be returned to the operating system.
NOTE: As a means of quickly testing any changes or new files, load
PRTCDE.EXE before starting PRTMNT.EXE. After changing or adding
a new file, activate Prin-Trol and select the New File option.
This will load the new version of the file, ready for use. This
should only be done at the menu of the maintenance program to
ensure that the file is closed at the time.

V. Error Messages

The Following is a brief description of causes and corrective
action for error messages.

* "Error Opening Filename" - The file probably does not exist.
Check spelling - if it does, then
check the DOS path command. If a
proper path exists, then probable
hardware error.

* "Error Closing Filename" - Probable hardware problem.

* "Can't be loaded after Sidekick!" - Prin-Trol must be loaded
before Sidekick - Reboot.

* "Prtcde is already loaded. Press Alt-Tab to activate."
- An attempt to re-load Prin-Trol while still active. The
re-load is disregarded.

* "Default file name must be entered as PRTCDE FILENAME"
- Prin-Trol must have a filename as a paramater.

- 4 -

VI. Distribution of Prin-Trol

You are authorized to distribute these programs, together with
the documentation, as a single ARC file. You may not modify either
the programs or the documentation. No fee or other consideration,
except actual expenses, may be made. If the program suits your
needs, then a registration fee of fifteen(15) dollars would be
appreciated. For this fee, I will provide the latest version of
the program as well as notification of upgrades and other software
as they become available.

Direct all questions, bugs or comments concerning Prin-Trol to:

Techiware Enterprises
114 Hazelhurst Avenue
North Syracuse, New York 13212
Attn: Stan Symons

(315) 458-2562 Ask for Stan Symons

- 5 -