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Thank you for your interest in obtaining high-quality printed reports
from Time Line 2.0 on your Epson printer. As you may know, if a
printer supports the IBM extended character set, Time Line can print
solid task bars, etc., on Time Line Gantt, PERT, and Histogram reports.
If a printer does not support the extended character set, Time Line
automatically uses substitution characters, such as a row of equals
signs for the Gantt chart task bar. Since only a few of the Epson
models support the IBM extended character set (FX-85 and FX-185 in IBM
Graphics printer emulation mode, FX-286 in IBM Proprinter mode, and LQ-
2500), most Epson users have until now been unable to get graphics-
quality Gantt charts using Time Line. However, those with Epson FX,
RX, or MX Graftrax/series III models can now print the IBM extended
character set using "MPM-Print" user-supported software from MPM

MPM-Print 2.0 is a memory-resident print utility that converts IBM
higher-ASCII characters to Epson graphics output. The special
characters print somewhat slowly, but the normal text characters print
at the usual rate. The appearance of the printed report is excellent.
Using MPM-Print with Time Line results in a high-quality Gantt chart
with solid task bars and the triangular milestone symbol, a PERT chart
with fully drawn boxes, and a Histogram with resource utilization as a
shaded region of the report.

MPM-Print is a user-supported product and you are encouraged to send a
voluntary registration fee to MPM Enterprises if you decide to use the
program beyond initial testing. Breakthrough Software is authorized to
distribute MPM-Print but receives no compensation for doing so.


A short file called READ.ME lists and describes the seven MPM files.
MPMPRINT.DOC contains full documentation of MPM-Print. Residing in
memory with Time Line, MPM-Print "intercepts" IBM Graphics characters
en route to the printer port and substitutes the appropriate commands
to generate the graphics characters on most Epson printers.


Breakthrough Software adds three files to those provided by MPM
Enterprises when distributing MPM-Print. These are: TLMPMHD.CFG,
TLMPMPC.CFG, and TLUSERS.TXT. TLUSERS.TXT is a read-me file containing
the instructions you are now reading. TLMPMHD.CFG and TLMPMPC.CFG are
special versions of Time Line's printer configuration file for use with

Using MPM-Print with Time Line is easy. After familiarizing yourself
with the MPM documentation, simply follow the steps below:

1) Replace your version of Time Line's printer configuration file
TLPRINT.CFG with a special version provided by Breakthrough Software
for use with MPM-Print. The replacement file will add a new option to
your Setup Printer menu for each Epson printer that works with MPM-

HARD DISK USERS: Rename the file called TLMPMHD.CFG to TLPRINT.CFG, and
copy it to your Time Line program directory (usually \TL).

and copy it to your working copy of Time Line's System Run diskette.
(Due to space constraints on the Run diskette, several non-Epson
printers are removed from the Setup menu to make room for the expanded
Epson list.)

2) Load MPM-Print into memory before starting Time Line. As explained
in the MPM documentation, this is done by typing MPMPrint at the DOS
prompt. You may wish to add MPMPrint to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file so that
it loads automatically when you boot your computer (or to your TL.BAT
file, so that it loads when you start Time Line).

3) Start Time Line. Before printing with MPM-Print for the first time,
perform the Setup Printer procedure from Time Line's Main Menu. On the
list of printer manufacturers, you will see "Epson" followed by "Epson
w/MPM". Choose "Epson w/MPM" and select your printer model from the
list that follows. Do a file save before exiting Time Line to save
your options and make your new printer selection permanent.

4) Print your Time Line reports as usual. You should see solid task
bars and milestone triangles on the Gantt, fully drawn boxes on the
PERT, and shaded regions on the resource histogram, both in normal and
in compressed mode.

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Archive   : MPM-PR22.ZIP
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