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ºººÌͼººº - PRINT Version 2.2

MPM-print is a utility that enables Epson FX, MX, RX, EX, JX,
LX and LQ series printers to print 240 of the characters that
are displayed by IBM PC monitors. When doing a screen print
(using the PrtSc key), MPM-print prints ALL the characters on
the screen.

When installed, MPM-print stays resident in your computer's
memory. Any characters that are subsequently printed will
print as the appropriate IBM PC character. The only IBM PC
characters that are NOT printed are 15 characters used to
control the printer, and even those characters are printed
when printing the screen.

MPM-print automatically switches to whatever pitch your
software chooses for your Epson printer. All of the
characters printed will be in the correct pitch.

º The "line drawing" characters of the IBM PC (like those º
º used for this box) are connected -- horizontally AND º
º vertically -- for whatever pitch or line spacing you set º
º your printer to use! º

MPM-print is distributed with several files:

MPMPRINT.COM - the utility itself

MPMPRINT.DOC - documentation which can be scrolled to
the screen

PRINTDOC.EXE - a program which will print a copy of
the documentation on your Epson printer
ONLY if MPM-print is installed (type
'MPMPRINT' to install the system, then
type 'PRINTDOC' to print a copy of the
documentation). The documentation has
26 pages.

TEST.PAS - Pascal source code and compiled code
TEST.COM for a program which will test all
available printer modes and characters

READ.ME - this file

MPM-print is distributed as user supported software. You are
encouraged to use, copy and share MPM-print according to the
restrictions detailed in the associated documentation.

MPM-print, ºººÌͼººº - print and the associated documentation
are COPYRIGHT (C) 1985, 1986, 1987 MPM Enterprises, Inc.
306 Park Avenue
Wilmette, Illinois 60091

Version 2.2 adds the ability to remove MPM-Print from
memory with a command from the DOS prompt (MPMPRINT
REMOVE). The program also has the ability to change
supported printers with a command (MPMPRINT SETUP) rather
than using a separate setup utility program.

Support for Epson LQ, EX, JX and LX series models has been
added. Only draft mode is supported for those Epson
printers that support Near Letter Quality printing. We
have a special version of MPM-Print (called MPM-LQ) that
supports 24-pin printing and NLQ modes for the LQ series
printers. Please contact us for more information about

Because of the internal setup routine, and because of the
much larger number of printers supported, the executable
program has grown significantly. However, only a small
part of the program is actually made memory resident. The
memory resident portion is now about 11,000 bytes (as
opposed to about 9,000 bytes for Version 2.1 --the extra
space is needed to store fonts for the additional printers
that MPM-Print now supports).

Version 2.1 adds "vertical connection" -- all of the IBM's
line drawing characters (ASCII 176 to ASCII 223) are
AUTOMATICALLY connected, both horizontally and vertically,
for whatever pitch and line spacing you set your printer
to use.

Screen print handling has also been added. ALL characters
that show on the screen will be printed when you use the
PrtSc key.

MPM-Print's actions can now be turned ON and OFF, either
from the command line or from within a program.

MPM-Print can now be "patched" to allow it to work with
printers that emulate Epsons but which have extended the
printer control codes.


Version 2.0 has added the ability to print the IBM's
special characters (characters that the IBM has but the
Epson doesn't) in all of the pitches supported by Epson

Printing of the special characters has also been speeded
up by a factor of almost 4. MPM-print now uses the "high
speed" double density graphics mode for FX and RX printers
(and uses a software emulation of that mode for MX
printers) when printing Pica or Elite characters. The
system also uses a special buffer to increase the speed of
printing successive special characters.

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