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LabelDisk Version 1.0 Beta
Copyright (C) 1991 Anthony K. Hedrick

This program is a simple disk label program that sprang up
from special needs of mine. I own an Okidata 393 printer
that is incapable of incrementing at 1/72 intervals as many
label programs are designed to do. This program prints at
1/60 intervals conforming to the demands of this printer.

To use the program, simply key "LDV10" at the dos prompt
within the subdirectory that the program is stored in. The
menu displayed is simple to use. Pressing the letter of an
option selects it. Selecting the configuration option will
allow you to tell the program the type of printer you have.
If you have an Epson LQ series or compatible printer, select
the Epson LQ or compatible printer. These can increment the
paper at 1/60" increments. If you have an IBM Proprinter or
compatible, select that option. These printers print at
1/72" increments. If one selection does not print correctly,
try the other, it should work. Writing the configuration
stores the printer type, current disk drive selected, heading,
and library fields in a file called "CONFIG.LBL" in the
current subdirectory. If you run this option, LabelDisk
will remember these settings the next time you run it.

I plan to fully support this program. Some changes to come
in future revisions are a graphical interface, pull-down
menus, mouse support, support for other printers, etc. but
not necessarily in that order. If you wish to keep up with
the changes, please register!

Registering will also enable the other four label sizes that
are unavailable in the unregistered version and will remove
the ten (10) second wait at the start of the program.

This program is furnished as is with no warrantee, implied or
otherwise. Please feel free to copy and share this program
with friends as long no charge is incurred by those the
program is shared with. If you find this program of use,
please register it; otherwise, shareware will not continue to
work. You may register it by sending $7.50 to:

Anthony K. Hedrick
Rt. 1 Box 202
Callands, Va. 24530

I can also be reached and you may download future versions on
the following Support Board:

The Skyview BBS
(804) 793-3810
23 Hrs./7 Days
1200-38400K bps

Thanks for your support!

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Archive   : LDV10A.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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