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Upon receipt of your registration you will be sent the latest
version of this program, which contains a viewable database of
useful information. Use this database to learn where to obtain
the best ink, best paper, new cartridges at the lowest prices,
ink refill kits and refill services. You will also be given
instructions on how to refill the 51625A/51626A cartridges.
Plus, you will receive registered versions of the two utilities
that accompanied this program (the TSR address grabber and TSR
ESC code control panel) at no extra charge.

Indicate disk format desired:

5.25" 360K _____ = $14.00

3.5" 720K _____ = $14.00

5.25" 1.2M _____ = $14.00

Name _____________________________________________________________________

Mailing address __________________________________________________________

City ____________________________ State __________ Zip Code ____________

Make U.S. funds payable to:

P. P. Kapusta
P.O. Box 5423 Falmouth, Va. 22403 U.S.A.

Suggestions: ______________________________________________________________




Notes: Canada and foreign orders add $5.00 for postage and handling. Please
allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Virginia residents must add Va. sales tax
to their remittance.

Please let us know from what source you obtained The DeskJet Survival Kit:


Version: 2.01