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Notes: Canada and foreign orders add $5.00 for postage and handling. Please
allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Virginia residents must add Va. sales tax
to their remittance. A negotiated site license is required for use in
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Version: 2.00


DeskJet Survival Kit Address Grabber utility


A memory resident (TSR) pop-up address grabber for
use with Hewlett-Packard DeskJet series, dot matrix, and daisy
wheel printers. Can be "popped-up" over any DOS text based
program and enables the user to grab an address off the screen
and send it to your printer


Hard disk, and HP DeskJet series inkjet printer, dot
matrix or daisy wheel printer.


From the DOS prompt, enter DJ_GRAB to initiate the
program and load a 5K kernel into memory. Once loaded into
memory, ALT+E will "pop" the control panel over your current
DOS text based screen. Use the cursor control keys to position
the blinking cursor at the beginning of the address you wish to
grab, then press [ENTER]. Then move the cursor at the end of
the address, and press [ENTER] again. The blocked address will
be captured and placed in an envelope layout on your screen.
At this point you can change the recipient's address/info. and
also change the sender's address/info. When you are ready to
print the envelope, select "Print envelope" from the menu. Of
course, make sure that your printer is turned on and ON-LINE
before selecting this option from the menu.

Your address (sender info.):

The user has the option to change both the sender and
recipient's address. However the user can create a default
sender address by first creating a "ADDRESS.MY" file in the
same directory that "DJ_GRAB.EXE" resides. You can use any
text editor to create this default file (e.g., EDLIN, DOS'
5.0 EDIT, or COPY CON ADDRESS.MY). In this file must reside
the default address you wish to use. The simplest way to
create this file is from the DOS prompt:

John Q. Public press ENTER
123 Main Street press ENTER
Anytown, CA. 92312 press ENTER
press F6 function key

This procdure will create an "ADDRESS.MY" file that
will be used by DJ_GRAB. The contents of this file will be
placed in the sender field on the envelope.

EMS, disk swapping:

This TSR uses only 5K of RAM when loaded, and when
"popped-up" swaps your current program out to EMS (if
available). If your system does not have EMS, then a swap file
will be created in the root directory of the current active
drive. This swap file is named "$INKJET$.SWP" and will be set
with a hidden file attribute. It can be deleted by using DOS
ATTRIB -H $INKJET$.SWP and then DEL $INKJET$.SWP, if you wish.
There is no harm in leaving the disk swap file on your hard
drive, except that it takes up free disk space.

Edit keys functions:

If the user needs to change/edit a sender's or
recipient's address data on the envelope before printing,
select one of the "edit" functions from the menu. The user
will then have the opportunity to make any changes. When in
the "edit" mode, the cursor can be moved by using the cursor
control keys. The editor uses many Word Perfect style features
such as CTRL+LEFT for next word left, CTRL+RIGHT, CTRL+END to
delete to end of line, CTRL+PG DN. The INS key will toggle
between insert and overstrike modes.

Registered versions:

When you register this program with the author, you
will be mailed a personalized copy, bearing your name. The
registered version will not have any of the annoying
registration reminder messages, nor delays. The registered
version will NOT have the instruction windows that popup before
and after you position the cursor for grabbing an address. We
figure that you will have learned how to use the program by
that time, and that the instruction windows would no longer
be necessary.

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Archive   : INKJET20.ZIP
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