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IMAGEPRINT Notes & Updates

Extra fonts are available, in addition to the 6 fonts you
you get for the $20 registration fee. Each font is $5 each,
plus a $5 shipping and handling charge for each font order.
For example, one extra font is $10, two is $15, etc. Fonts
available are:

FONT0 Courier - std. business font
FONT2 Elite - best at 12 characters per inch
FONT3 Italic - elegant looking
FONT4 Orator - ideal for section headings
FONT5 Typewriter - like Epson "NLQ"
FONT8 OCRA - used on checks
FONT9 OCRB - solid font printer typeface

To see what these fonts look like, type "FONTDEMO"


To print the documentation, copy MANUAL.DOC to the printer
with the DOS COPY command:


The documentation is formatted for 8 x 11 inch fan-fold paper.

Printing the documentation with IMAGEPRINT is NOT recommended.
There are many examples of IMAGEPRINT commands contained in it.
IMAGEPRINT will think they are backslash commands, rather than
backslash examples, and the documentation will print incorrectly.


If you want to try IMAGEPRINT before printing the documentation,
the syntax for "Typewriter mode" is


The default font is FONT1 (Cubic). Input will come from the
console, or keyboard. The output will go to the default printer
LPT1:. If your printer is connected to another port, see the

You are now in typewriter mode. You can type in a line, press
, and the line will print in correspondence quality.

To exit to the Operating System, press CTRL-Z or Function key
6 at the beginning of a line.


The files on the IMAGEPRINT DISTRIBUTION diskette are:

README Introduction, directions
IMP80.EXE IMAGEPRINT program for an 80 column printer
FONT1 Cubic font
FONTDEMO.EXE Program used for a demonstration of other fonts
F.DAT Data file for FONTDEMO.EXE
IMPTUTR1.TXT Simple IMAGEPRINT demonstration
IMPTUTR2.TXT Detailed IMAGEPRINT demonstration
FTABLE.TXT Font ASCII table. Print with IMAGEPRINT after
altering the leading backslash command and
font name
PCWRT24.HLP Patch for PC-Write 2.4-2.55 help file HELPE.DEF
PCWRT26.HLP Patch for PC-Write 2.6 help file ED.HLP
PC-WRITE.DEF PC-Write definition file
PC-WRT27.DOC How to use IMAGEPRINT with PC-Write 2.7
PR.DEF PC-Write 2.7 printer definition file

A REGISTERED diskette also has:

IMP136.EXE IMAGEPRINT program for a 136 column printer
FONT6 Roman font
FONT7 Outline font
FONT10 Small font
FONT11 Pica font
FONT12 Block font



Version Comments
------- --------

1.00 Original version of IMAGEPRINT
1.01 Added CTRL-C abort
1.20 Added micro-justification if formatting
Added Roman font
Cut sheet feeder support
Added "/O" print head movement optimization
Soft "\-" and hard hyphen line break if formatting
1.22 Underlined proportional bug fixed
Recognize form feeds if not formatting
Bug with ".SW" fixed - correct header column count
1.30 Upgraded documentation, general cleaning up
Fixed bug with NATIONAL.COM
Support for PC-Write 2.6
".NW" outputs literal line, no space removal
1.32 Added ".RR" ragged right margin if formatting
1.33 Fixed bug - blank lines following 80 column line
or justified header/footer not discarded
No longer output ESC "4" if draft italic - conflict
with Proprinter escape sequences
added page pause for cut sheet feeders
1.40 DOS 2.0 and up compatibility - input text file can
be on another directory
Faster screen writing
1.50 Explicit printer port selection no longer necessary
on command line for DOS 3.2
Fixed bug with justified headers and footers - some
backslash commands were being lost
When justifying lines, add a space following "?.:;!",
not ","
Fixed bug with page length when using a very large
number of headers or footers
Compatibility with many Epson MX series printers
Revised manual
Use dash (-) switches instead of slash (/) switches
on command line for less confusion
1.51 ".SW" can set header/footer width > page width

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