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|Aº ^0Special Program |AºÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ ^1ImagePrint |AÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍͺ ^0Special Program |Aº
^CImage Computer Systems

If you've got a plain dot-matrix printer, you've probably envied the
impressive output your friends with laser printers are able to obtain from their
computers. However, the high cost of these printers probably precludes you from
obtaining one, unless you're into serious desktop publishing. This leaves you
with no choice but to put up with mediocre-quality output for your letters and
documents. Or at least it did, until ImagePrint came along. This program
allows you to get high-quality output from some popular models of dot-matrix

ImagePrint is a shareware program which normally requires a registration fee
from all who continue to use it beyond a trial period. However, a special
arrangement has been made between the publisher and BIG BLUE DISK to allow our
readers to use the program without obligation. The version of ImagePrint on
this disk contains one high-quality font, "Cubic." If you choose to voluntarily
pay a registration fee to the program's publisher, you receive (in addition to
the support all registered users get) six more fonts. Other fonts are also
available, as described in the README file. (From the DOS prompt, type the
command "TYPE README" to see it on your screen, or "COPY README PRN" to print it

A full documentation file is included on this disk to show you how to use
ImagePrint. It is in the file MANUAL.DOC, which can be listed to your printer
with the DOS command "COPY MANUAL.DOC PRN". It is formatted for standard 8 1/2
x 11 paper. (DON'T use ImagePrint to print out its own documentation, since it
contains characters which are recognized by the program as command sequences
[this can't be helped, since the documentation obviously must describe what
command sequences are available!] Anyway, you probably won't know how to use
ImagePrint until you see the documentation anyway, so just print it using the
old-fashioned DOS COPY command.)

For the daring free spirits among you who wish to try the program out before
reading the documentation, you can start it with the command (from the DOS
command line, NOT within BIG BLUE DISK's menu) "IMP80 CON:". This sets it to
printing out whatever you then type from the keyboard. You must press ENTER
after each line for it to print out. CTRL-Z or F6 at the beginning of a line
terminates execution.


README Introduction, directions
IMP80.EXE IMAGEPRINT program for an 80 column printer
FONT1 Cubic font
FONTDEMO.BAT Batch file used for a demonstration of
all Image Computer Systems fonts
F.DAT Data file for FONTDEMO.BAT
IMPTUTR1.TXT Simple IMAGEPRINT demonstration
IMPTUTR2.TXT Detailed IMAGEPRINT demonstration
FTABLE.TXT Font ASCII table. Print with IMAGEPRINT after
altering the leading backslash command and
font name
NATIONAL.COM Redefine IMAGEPRINT to ten international
character sets, as well as individual
character assignment
PCWRT24.HLP Patch for PC-Write 2.4-2.55 help file HELPE.DEF
PCWRT26.HLP Patch for PC-Write 2.6 help file ED.HLP
PC-WRITE.DEF PC-Write definition file
PC-WRT27.DOC Documentation on using PC-Write 2.7 with IMAGEPRINT
PR.DEF PC-Write Version 2.7 definition file for PR.EXE

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