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This is a simple program, for the HP DeskJet Plus, that puts 4 pages of
text onto a single page. This makes for great savings in paper when
printing long documents for record-keeping purposes, but also creates
acute eyestrain after a while.

At the dos prompt, type
and the program will prompt you for the file you want printed. It's as
simple as that.


The author of this program makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, as
to the performance of this program, nor to its suitability for any given
application. The author shall not be held responsible for any damage
incurred through the use of this program, either through equipment
failure or inappropriateness for a given purpose. Use this program at
your own risk.

I have not had any problems with this program myself, having used it
several times (in testing and real use) on my own DeskJet. However, it
cannot deal with printer control codes embedded in the text. The only
code it was designed to handle was the Form-Feed character. Other codes
may cause unpredictable results, as this program uses such codes to
control the printer. Thus, there may be unforeseen conflicts.

I have included my source code, written in Turbo Pascal 5.5.
As I wrote this program just for the heck of it, I made no particular
effort to make the code clear. Hence I doubt you will be able to read
it. I did this, not on purpose, but simply because that is my style.

This program is free. I encourage you to upload it wherever you wish, I
only ask that this .DOC and the .PAS file remain with the executable.

Comments are welcome (but I have little patience for nitpicking.)

I can be reached at
Carl Jacobs, SysOp
TechNet BBS
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Tech.
(703) 941-3572
PCBoard 14.2, 24 hrs, 2400b

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Archive   : HP4PAGE.ZIP
Filename : 4PAGES.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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