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The printer description file RUSSISCH.PRD together with the file RUSSISCH.INI, which must be in the same directory, allows you to print Russian texts on EPSON-LQ and compatible printers.
Just as you could previously format a text in `Roman' or `SansSerif', you can now select `Russian' and use all of the built-in type faces your printer provides - italic, bold, double wide, etc. The characters displayed on the screen will be the same as before. You can use the table below to find the equivalents between the ASCII characters in the display and the Russian characters that will be printed. You should print out the table for ready reference:
A A B B W W G G D D E E H H C C I I J J K K L L M M N N O O P P R R S S T T U U F F X X Z Z € € Q Q V V ~ ~ Y Y ` `   š š Ž Ž ™ ™
a a b b w w g g d d e e h h c c i i j j k k l l m m n n o o p p r r s s t t u u f f x x z z ‡ ‡ q q v v ^ ^ y y ' ' ‚ ‚   „ „ ” ”

Insofar as possible, an effort was made to find resonable equivalents although this was not possible in all cases. Check to see that the printer is ready to accept user-defined characters before using this printer description file!
As a demonstration, a short poem by the Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov is appended:

Tebe, Kawkac, surowyj zar' cemli, Ž posw„va snowa stix nebrehnyj. Kak syna ty ego blagoslowi I oseni werqinoj belosnehnoj; Ot nyx let k tebe me‡ty moi Prikowany sud'bo neicbehnoj, Na sewere - w strane tebe ‡uhoj Ž serdzem twoj - wsegda i wsdu twoj.
Ev” reb”nkom, robkimi qagami Wcbirals„ „ na gordye skaly, Uwitye tumannymi ‡almami, Kak golowy poklonnikow ally. Tam weter maqet wol'nymi krylami, Tam no‡ewat' sletats„ orly, Ž w gosti k nim letal me‡toj posluqnoj I serdzem byl' - towariv ix wocduqnyj.
S tex por t„h”lyx mnogo let, I wnow' men„ meh skal swoix ty wstretil. Kak nekogda reb”nku, twoj priwet Icgnanniku byl radosten i swetel. On prolil w grud' mo cabwen'e bed, I druhno „ na druhnyj cow otwetil; Nyne cdes', w poluno‡nom kra Ws” o tebe me‡ta i po.
ÜÜ܀‹wrÿÿoÿÿlÿÿi"ÿÿ#f&ÿÿ'c*ÿÿ+`/ÿÿÜÜÜÜÜÜàààààà]0]0/0x3ÿÿ4u7ÿÿ8r<ÿÿ=o@ÿÿAlDÿÿEiIÿÿJfMÿÿNcQÿÿàààààààààQRxVÿÿWuZÿÿ[r^ÿÿ_ocÿÿdlgÿÿhikÿÿlfpÿÿqctÿÿàààààààààtuxxÿÿyu}ÿÿ~rÿÿ‚o…ÿÿ†lŠÿÿ‹iŽÿÿf’ÿÿ“c—ÿÿààààààààà—˜x›ÿÿœuŸÿÿ r¥ÿÿ¦o©ÿÿªl­ÿÿ®i²ÿÿ³f¶ÿÿ·cºÿÿààààààààົx¿ÿÿÀuÃÿÿÄrÇÿÿÈoÌÿÿÍlÐÿÿÑiÔÿÿÕfÙÿÿÚcÝÿÿàààààààààÝÞxáÿÿâuæÿÿçrêÿÿëoîÿÿïlóÿÿôi÷ÿÿøfûÿÿücÿÿàààààààààxÿÿuÿÿ r
ÿÿoÿÿlÿÿiÿÿfÿÿc"ÿÿààààààààà"#x'ÿÿ(u+ÿÿ,r/ÿÿ0oTÿÿejrÿÿugwcu`t]|Zàéàý0@@àààà|}ÿÿ'ÿÿ(u+ÿÿ,r/ÿÿ0oTÿÿejrÿÿugwcu`t]|Zàéàý0@@àààà€kIÿÿÿÿ¤=4=LKàLKhLKh LKh LKhu-<h @@ Jà@
ààX` <¯h <¯hutj|Y}ÿÿ~ÿÿLKðLKðu@7°ÿxà>

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