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DaLabeler v4.7
Released January 1993

Copyright 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993
- Robert Neal CorpSoft -
317 Hickory Romeoville, IL 60441

DaLabeler makes it quick and easy to prepare printed labels for
diskettes. In addition, DaLabeler can also print out a 3.5" disk sleeve
or 5.25" insert on regular computer paper.

There are other disk labeling programs, but I think you'll find
DaLabeler to offer features that most others do not, plus a very easy
to use interface. If there's some that you find missing, drop me a note
and I'll look to add it in the next version.

DaLabeler is released as SHAREWARE. If after evaluating this program
you continue to use it, you are required to register this program.
Please see section "DaOffer" for details.


DaLEGAL STUFF .................................. Page 3

DaPROGRAM REQUIREMENTS ......................... Page 4

DaINSTALLATION PROGRAM ......................... Page 4

DaPROGRAM INFORMATION .......................... Page 5


DaCONFIGURATION FILE ........................... Page 8

DaOFFER ........................................ Page 10

DaTIPS AND USEFUL INFORMATION .................. Page 11
Read this section if you encounter
problems printing your labels.

Text marked with a "|" indicates revision from prior version


SHAREWARE DISTRIBUTION: DaLabeler is released as SHAREWARE. If after
evaluating this program you continue to use it, you are required to pay
the registration amount of $12.50. Registered users will be mailed
their own unique registration key number, this key file will disable
the shareware notice at the start up of the program.

LIMITED WARRANTY. This program is provided "AS IS" without warranty of
any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to
the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular
purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of this
program is assumed by you. Should the program prove to be defective,
you assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair or
correction. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may
also have other rights which vary from state to state. In no event will
the author of the program be liable to you for any direct, indirect,
incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use or
inability to use such program even if the author of this program has
been advised of the possibility of damages.

UPDATE POLICY. You may contact the author directly for availability of
updates to this program.

LICENSE REGISTRATION. By using the program and/or materials, you
acknowledge that you have read and understood this agreement hereby
accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement without
exception, deletion or alteration.

CONTACTING THE AUTHOR. Comments and suggestions can be sent to:
Robert Neal
317 Hickory
Romeoville, IL 60441

The author may also be reached via America OnLine (RobertN70), and
Prodigy (PNSP01A) as well as his support BBS, Corporate Headquarters
BBS (815) 886-3233 or (815) 886-9381.

- Page 3 -


DaLabeler should work with any printer capable of setting the line
spacing to either 6/72", 12/144", 18/216" or 15/80" and enabling
condensed print.

DaLabeler was written for the Epson LQ2500 and Star NX1000 printer. By
editing the configuration file, practically any dot matrix printer
should be able to use this program. The default configuration file
should work with any Epson compatible printer.
At least one floppy (5.25" or 3.5") is required.

Color or monochrome is supported.

The following label sizes are supported by DaLabeler:

- 3 1/2" x 15/16" (5.25" disks)
- 4" x 1 1/2" (5.25" disks)
- 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" (3.5" disks)
- 2 3/4" x 1 15/16" (3.5" disks)

|In addition, Dalabeler will print the following on regular computer
| - 3.5" disk sleeve
| - 5.25" disk insert

DaLabeler has been tested on an assortment of hardware, including but
not limited to:

Systems: PC (512K), XT (640K), 286 (1 meg RAM), 386 (4 meg RAM)

Video: Mono, CGA, EGA, VGA

Operating System: MSDOS 3.1, MSDOS 3.3, MSDOS 5.0, DRDOS 3.3, DRDOS
5.0, DRDOS 6.0, Novell Netware Lite v1.0, Novell
Netware 286 v2.12


Included on the distribution disk in an installation program,
INSTALL.BAT. This batch program will allow you to easily install
DaLabeler to either a floppy disk or hard disk by selectively copying
the necessary files and if installing to a hard drive, the installation
program will create a batch file named DL.BAT in the root directory of
your C: drive. It is recommended that you use this installation program
to install DaLabeler as the installation program will ensure that
DaLabeler can be run no matter which directory you are located on your
hard drive.

- Page 4 -


DaLabeler was designed to be quick and easy to use, making use of
Lotus style menuing. Since it's initial release DaLabeler has grown in
features, but still concerned at keeping it simple to use. Most users
will find that they will have no problem using the program without
reading this documentation file. I, like most users, hate to read pages
of documentation. I feel that programs should for the most part be
friendly enough so that most features are easy enough to understand
without reading documentation. I hope you find DaLabeler to be a
program that meets those expectations.

Upon executing the program, the title screen will be displayed along
with the shareware notice. Once the program is registered, this
shareware screen will no longer be displayed. This delay serves as a
reminder that registration of the program is expected and serves as
encouragement for continued development of this and future programs.

Those who have registered their program will be sent the latest version
of DaLabeler which will include a 'key' file that will disable the
shareware notice screen entirely.

Below is a copy of how the main program screen looks.

³ R)read C)omments F)ormat S)ize L)oad/Edit D)rive Q)uit ³
³ ³

³ Drive: A # Files: 0 Free: 0 ³
³ Volume: Ý Selected: 0 Total: 0 ³
³# Copies: 1 Ý Label Size: 3 1/2 x 15/16 ³
³ Ptr Port: 1 # Labels: 1 Label Format: Name/Size/Date ³
³ Comment # 1: ** NONE ** ³
³ Comment # 2: ** NONE ** ³
³ Comment # 3: ** NONE ** ³
³ Comment # 4: ** NONE ** ³
³ Comment # 5: ** NONE ** ³
Copyright 1993 - Robert Neal

- Page 5 -
You may use the arrow keys to highlight your choice, or you may also
press the first character of the main menu choice or if you have a
mouse, you can move the cursor to make your selections. For each main
menu item there are several sub-menu choices which are detailed below.

1. READ DRIVE Reads disk in drive selected
2. PRINT LABEL Print label to printer port selected
3. VIEW FILES View listing of files on disk allowing you to
selective tag files for exclusion from label
1. ENTER FILE COMMENTS Enter up to 38 character description for each
2. ENTER DISK COMMENTS Up to 5 lines of comments may be included. By
entering a '^' as the first character of the
comment line, the comment will automatically
be centered.

---- Filenames printer per line ----
FORMAT 3.5" and 4" label 2 3/4" and 2" label
======================== ----------------- ------------------
1. NAME/SIZE/DATE 2 per line 1 per line
2. NAME/SIZE 3 per line 2 per line
3. NAME_ONLY 4 per line 3 per line
4. NAME/COMMENT 1 per line 1 per line

SIZE (Label Size)
1. 3 1/2" x 15/16" Select one of these four label sizes
2. 4" x 1 7/16"
3. 2 3/4" x 2 3/4"
4. 2 3/4" x 2"
|5. 3.5" disk sleeve
|6. 5.25" disk insert

1. LOAD CONFIGURATION Allows you to select configuration file
2. EDIT CONFIGURATION Allows you to edit current configuration
3. SELECT PRINTER PORT Allows you to select printer port 1 or 2
4. NUMBER OF COPIES Allows you to select # labels to print

1. DRIVE A Selects drive "A" as the drive to read
2. DRIVE B Selects drive "B" as the drive to read

1. QUIT PROGRAM End Program
2. SHELL TO DOS Allows you to exit to DOS or enter a DOS
command to be executed.
3. REGISTER Use this option to enter registration key info
that is sent when you register DaLabeler.

- Page 6 -
When disk information is read, the volume name is looked for. If this
is not found you will be prompted for a name. If you do not want a
volume name, simply press enter. Note, when you enter a volume name
this information is NOT written to the disk, it is used for information
purposes in printing the label. You may also configure DaLabeler to not
prompt you for missing volume names. When DaLabeler reads your disk
directory information it will read files contained in the ALL

DaLabeler will print the date, amount of disk space remaining, total
disk space, number of file and volume name on the header of the label.
Subsequent labels (if necessary) will have the volume name only in the
header plus the label number (ie Label: 2 of 4).

DaLabeler will print up to 8 lines of file and/or comments per label on
a 3 1/2" label, 13 lines on a 4" label and 22 lines on the 2 3/4"
label. The program will print consecutive labels until all filenames
are printed.

Suggested uses for labels include applying directly to disk or if
there is more than 1 label per disk, applying the label to the paper
disk sleeve or an index card and inserting in the paper sleeve.

|New to v4.7 is option to print a sleeve for 3.5" disk on regular
|computer paper. Sleeves print 3 to a page and then are cut and wrapped
|around the disk and taped.

|Another option in v4.7 is the option to print a disk insert for 5.25"
|disk which may be inserted in the disk sleeve of your 5.25" disks.


The following keys are used when entering or editing comments:

HOME key Move to start offline
END key Move to end of line
Cursor Left Move cursor left
Cursor Right Move cursor right
ESCAPE Clear input line
CTRL+D Delete rest of line
CRTL+T Delete word to right of cursor
CTRL+Right Arrow Move right 1 word
CTRL+Left Arrow Move left 1 word

- Page 7 -


If you have an Epson compatible printer you will probably not need to
make any changes to your configuration files or only need to make a few
minor changes other than changing the default settings to your own
preference by using the built in configuration editor of DaLabeler. You
can automatically select the configuration editor of DaLabeler at start
up by entering the filename followed by CONFIG (ie DL CONFIG), or
select the 'SETUP' option from the main menu, then the 'EDIT'option. No
error checking is performed for valid character entry in using the
configuration editor.

Those with a different type of printer will need to enter your printer
codes in the configuration file.

DaLabeler is able to store multiple configuration files. This is handy
for users who have two different drive types (ie 5.25" and a 3.5") in
their system, or who have two different types of printers, etc. When
you enter your configuration information you can enter a filename which
you want your configuration file named.

An additional feature of the program is that it will automatically load
the appropriate configuration file for your 'A' or 'B' drive if you
save the configuration file as DRIVEA or DRIVEB. By creating these two
configuration files the program will automatically load DRIVEA when you
switch to your 'A' drive and DRIVEB when you select your 'B' drive when
using the program.

The default configuration file that is loaded initially by the program
is DALABLER. You may override this default by entering a different
configuration file name when you call the program, for example DL
DRIVEA would inform the program to load the configuration file DRIVEA
as the default configuration file.

Below is a copy of the configuration editor screen:
³ LABEL FORMAT (1-4): >1< PRINTER PORT (1-2): >1< ³
³ LABEL SIZE (1-6): >1< ³
³ TAGLINE: > < ³
³ EXPAND: >014 < ³
³ EXPAND OFF: >020 < ³
³ CONDENSED: >015027108001 < ³
³ CONDENSED OFF: >018 < ³
³ BOLD: >027069 < ³
³ BOLD OFF: >027070 < ³
³ SUBSCRIPT: >027083001 < ³
³ SUBSCRIPT OFF: >027084 < ³
³ LINE SET: >027051018 < ³
³ RESET: >027064 < ³

- Page 8 -

The format of each configuration file is as follows:

Line 1: Version number of the program the configuration file is for.
Line 2: Allow prompting for disk volume name if missing.
Line 3: Default Disk Drive
Line 4: Default Label Type
Line 5: Default Label Size
Line 6: Parallel Printer Port used
Line 7: Printer command for Double Wide (Expanded) print ON
Line 8: " " " Double Wide (Expanded) print OFF
Line 9: " " " Condensed Print On (17 cpi)
Line10: " " " Condensed Print Off
Line11: " " " Bold Print On (may use DoubleStrike)
Line12: " " " Bold Print Off
Line13: " " " Subscript Print On
Line14: " " " Subscript Print Off
Line15: " " " Set Line Spacing
Line16: " " " Printer Reset
Line17: Optional tagline for registered version.

Please consult your printer manual for the necessary codes. All values
MUST be the DECIMAL ASCII values. You MUST enter the codes with 3
characters for each code (ie. 14 must be entered as 014). Unexpected
results may occur if this format is not followed.

All the above should be self explanatory. For some printers, the set
line spacing may be in 144th inches, therefore set to 12/144" or for
printers (such as the LQ2500) that set line spacing to 80th inches, set
to 15/80".

Also, some Epson compatible printers do not print the label header
properly with the default BOLD ON and BOLD OFF commands. You can either
remove these codes entirely or substitute the appropriate commands for
DOUBLE STRIKE ON and DOUBLE STRIKE OFF (refer to your printer manual).

- Page 9 -


If after evaluating this program you continue to use it, you are
required to pay the registration amount of $12.50. Registered users
will be mailed their own unique registration key number, this key file
will disable the shareware notice at the start up of the program. In
addition, users will be notified by mail of future releases of

Quantity discounts are available, see ordering information for details.

Shareware products generally cost MUCH less than commercial products of
the same type, plus you can give it a 'spin around the block' before
paying for it. Show your support for shareware by registering your copy

Payment as well as comments and suggestions can be sent to:
Robert Neal
317 Hickory
Romeoville, IL 60441

Use the mailer that's included with this file, it's easy!

I may also be reached via my BBS, Corporate Headquarters, at (815)
886-3233 as well as America OnLine (RobertN70) and Prodigy (PNSP01A).

| You may now register DaLabeler with your Visa, MasterCard,
| American Express or Discover card with our new online registration
| door on the support BBS. Just type CHARGE at the main menu prompt.

- Page 10 -


Below are some useful tips in using DaLabeler. These tips have come
from feedback that users of DaLabeler have submitted when sending their
payment for registrations.

1. When properly configured, DaLabeler will print all information on
the respective label sizes supported. Several users have written that
their labels do not print properly. I have tested DaLabeler on the
following printers using the configuration file contained with

The commands for 24 pin printers are nearly identical except that the
line spacing command needs to be 027051015. 24 pin printers tested:
NEC P5300, EPSON LQ2500, EPSON LQ2550, EPSON LQ1050, STAR XB2415

2. Some users may like to keep their tractor feeds stationary when
switching from paper to labels. Some users may be able to set their
left margin so that the print head is shifted before printing. The
command to use is '027108xxx' where xxx equals the number of characters
you want to set your left margin at, ie 5 characters would be
'027108005'. This command should be entered on the same line as the
command for CONDENSED printing, ie '015027108005'.

3. You can experiment with your printer codes to change some of the
characteristics of your printed label. For example, putting the printer
codes for italic printing on the same line as your codes for EXPANDED
printer codes will print your disk name in expanded italic print. If
your printer has built in fonts you can likewise access these fonts by
including the necessary codes in your printer configuration.

4. Users who have a 3 floppy system (2 internal 3.5" drives and 1
external 5.25" drive) can use DaLabeler on the 'C' floppy drive by
using the DOS ASSIGN command. Entering ASSIGN C=B at the DOS prompt
before running DaLabeler will 'fool' DOS and DaLabeler into reading
drive 'C' as drive 'B'. In essence, you have assigned your 'C' drive to
the drive letter 'B'. After using DaLabeler entering the command ASSIGN
will reset the drive lettering to their default settings. You must have
the DOS program ASSIGN on your disk to use the ASSIGN command.

5. If you encounter a problem where the last line or so runs over to
the next label you have not configured your printer configuration line
spacing properly. Users of 24 pin printers will need to use the command
line mentioned in #2 above.

6. One of the most common comments I've had is that the label on some
Epson printers, such as the LX600 and LQ600 series, does not print
properly. If you have problems with the header of the label extending
past the edge of the label you will need to remove the BOLD ON and BOLD
OFF commands from the configuration file. You can also replace this
with the DOUBLE STRIKE ON and OFF commands if desired.

- Page 11 -

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