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DaNew Stuff

DaLabeler v4.7

Added new option to DaLabeler, option to print 3.5" disk sleeve. This
option prints "label" information on regular computer paper, 3 to a
page, which you can then cut and wrap around your 3.5" disks. Nice for
disks that you may change often or use for file retention and don't want
to keep re-applying a new label each time.

Added option to print 5.25" disk inserts. This option prints label
information on regular computer paper which may then be cut and slipped
into the 5.25" disk sleeve.

Consolidated the "current status" and "disk comment" displays into one
display. Necessary to accomodate larger menu selection.

Rewrote menu routine further to enhance the response time even further.

Other minor internal and display changes.

DaLabeler v4.6

Reworked the menu interface to GREATLY enhance the response time. Based

on my testing, there should be no further cursor run-on as cursor and
mouse movement is nearly instant.

Due to popular demand, I've now made the "Copyright" line an optional
tagline in the registered version. Unregistered versions will still
display the "Copyright 1992" line on each label. Registered users now
have the option to either completely exclude this line, or make this a
line of their choice.

Other minor internal improvement and code changes.

DaLabeler v4.5 - a new look and more

Due to the feedback received from users, I considered which requests
were made most often. I then took those suggestions and made the
following improvements in this release:

o Mouse support.

o Total new interface for DaLabeler. A rewrite of the interface was
required so that mouse support could be added to DaLabeler.

o Previous versions only read the root directory. Now, v4.5 will read
files in subdirectories up to 3 deep from the root directory as well.

o For those using the 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" labels, the first comment line is
now printed on the fold of the label. This lets you enter a comment that
can be read when the disk is stored in a box or tray without needing to
pick up each to read the comment line.

o Enchanced DOS SHELL option, now allows you to either drop to DOS command
line or enter DOS command to be executed.

Another request that pops up every so often is a request to add support for
laser printers and I would love to add this support. Since I don't own
a laser printer I am unable to write and debug the code to add this support
at this time. Anyone have a good deal on a laser printer?

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to jot down a few comments about
the program when sending in their registration.

DaLabeler v4.1 - a maintenance update

o Added function to make selection of available configuration files
from menu selection. This eliminates the need to recall what your
exact file name is for your various configuration files.

o DaLabeler now strips out "." from the volume (label) name if it
exists on the disk.

o Added error checking when printer port was selected. In previous
version if you accidentally selected a printer port which you did
not have a printer attached (ie Port 2) the program would return
an error message which you couldn't escape from. Program now
allows port to be selected though a printer may not be attached.

o Lengthened field for printer commmand string in the configuration
editor from 24 characters to 36 characters. This was done to aid
those who are using DaLabeler on a DeskJet or InkJet printer.

o Other minor updates to several screen displays to make interface
easier to understand, for example while marking files for
exclusion from listing.

DaLabeler v4.0 - multiple configuration files / new label size

o Multiple configuration files added. You may now have separate
configuration files for different printers or different drive
sizes (ie 5.25" and 3.5").

o Ability to drop to DOS from within the program.

o Program now has a registration key distributed to registered users
of the program. This key disables the shareware notice at the program
start up.

o Fixed printed date in the 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" label format. It previously
printed the first two characters of the year (19) instead of the last
two characters (90).

o Prior versions would return an error code when a file size above 1 MEG
was cataloged. Fixed program error and slightly modified label formats
to accommodate larger file size display.

o Modified several menus so all are Lotus style, with point and shoot

o Help information now displayed when entering information into the
configuration editor. No more need to remember which style of label
is which selection number.

o Changed DOS SET command from DL3 to DL4 to tie in with new version

o Added new installation program that copies program and related files to
own directory and creates automatic batch file to execute program.

DaLabeler v3.2 - new 3.5" disk label format

o New format for 3.5" disk labels (2 3/4" x 2 3/4"). With this new
format, up to 66 filenames per label can be printed.

o The number of labels required to print the disk information is now
shown on the status screen.

o Added option to include directory containing DALABLER.CFG file using
the DOS SET command. By using this you can run DaLabeler from any
directory if it's within your DOS PATH setting.

DaLabeler v3.1 - maintenance release

o No new features with this release just a minor problem fixed. The
output routines forced LPT1 to be used even if LPT2 was selected in
the configuration. Routines have been changed to support both LPT1
and LPT2.

o The program will now allow you to override the volume name found on
the disk. If the disk has a volume name and you have configured
DaLabeler to prompt you for volume name you may edit the volume name
(or completely change it).

DaLabeler v3.0 - what's new?

o New label size is now supported. A 4" x 1 1/2" label is now supported
in addition to the 3 1/2" x 15/16" label.

o Modified the configuration file to include the default label size
selected. The previous configuration files (either v1.0 or v2.0) will
automatically be converted to the new format when you edit the
file from within the program.

o Program can now automatically center comments added for disks.

o Added complete validation checking when using the configuration editor
in the program.

o Added option where you can now press the UP arrow key to move back up
through the menus.

DaLabeler v2.0 - what's new?

Many new features and enhancements have been made to DaLabeler from v1.0
thanks to suggestions and comments made plus further ideas from myself
after releasing v1.0.

I will briefly mention each new feature, refer to the documentation for
further explanation.

o Wrote my own Lotus 1-2-3 style menu routines to make them much more
friendlier to use. Arrow keys and alpha character input is now accepted
in addition to the previous spacebar method. In addition, using the
ESCAPE key now exists you from all sub-menus. All around major
improvement in the user interface.

o With the revised menuing routines, a help line is now shown on the
bottom menu line as each option is highlighted.

o Renamed several functions to make their first field character unique to
allow for the improved menuing routines.

o Moved the DISK DRIVE setting to the main menu, no longer an option of
CONFIG (now renamed SETUP).

o You may now edit/create the DALABELR.CFG file from within the program

o File tagging is now available from the 'VIEW' function to allows you
to tag files for EXCLUSION from the file listing.

o New label format added so that you may now added a 38 character comment
line for each file in addition to the 5 line disk comments.

o A revised label header format has been added. Information contained is
now clearly laid out.

o For those disks that require more than one label, the header format
for each subsequent label has been changed to show the label number,
(ie 'Label: 2 of 4').

o Added a feature where you can now print multiple copies of the label.
Useful for user groups, companies, etc. that require duplicate labels.

o Added status line to show print status (ie 'Printing 1 of 8').

o Added error trapping to prevent system from locking up due to disk not
being present in disk drive.

o Added option to toggle if you want the program to prompt you for the
disk volume name or not.

o Modified the configuration file to include this new option. In addition
the version number of the program is also included as the first line
if the configuration file. The program will automatically reconfigure the
configuration file from v1.0 to v2.0 format. The volume prompt setting
will be set to 'Y', edit the file to change this parameter if necessary.

Ideas are already forming for future versions. Would appreciate hearing from
you on what you would like to see added/enhanced in DaLabeler. Thanks to
those who gave their suggestions and comments concerning enhancements to
this version.

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