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DJLL -- DeskJet Landscape Lister

This utility allows you to print files in "landscape" mode using a
highly readable compressed font on your HP DeskJet printer -- without
requiring a Landscape cartridge. In fact, all you need is this
program, the HP DeskJet itself, and one (or more) 128K RAM

DJLL is FAST. It uses a special downloaded font that makes landscape
printing appear in seconds instead of mimutes. Some approaches (such
as "Sideways" by Funk Software) rely on graphic-mode printing and are
SLOW. Because each piece of paper holds two pages of information,
DJLL can make the DeskJet print two pages per minute in draft mode,
or one page per minute in letter-quality mode.

DJLL is LEGIBLE. It contains its own special font, patterned after
the HP LaserJet's readable "Lineprinter" font. A unique feature of
this font is that "l", "1", and "I" are easily distinguished. Many
consider this the most readable compressed font (16.6 char/in.)
available anywhere.

DJLL is FLEXIBLE. Wildcards may be used in filenames, and multiple
filenames may be supplied in one command. Pages may be printed in a
two-page-per-page format, or one wide page at a time. Pages are
printed in reverse order, so that they stack in the output tray
correctly. Printed output may be directed to any file or port,
allowing customization for any hardware. Printed listings may be
stamped with the date, time, and filename.

DJLL is FREE! Well, actually, two versions of DJLL are available, a
"free" version which lacks a few features, and a complete version
which may be obtained for $35 (plus tax in CA, see below). Both
versions are documented in this file. Those of you with the free
version will know what you're missing! (Pay attention to the
sections marked NOTE: to see how the free version differs from the
full-featured version.)


The principle behind DJLL is simple. It uses a special downloadable
font which looks like a normal font turned on its side. After the
font is loaded into the DeskJet, DJLL begins reading files,
reordering the characters so that they'll print correctly, and
sending the characters to the printer.

The remainder of DJLL implement its powerful features: single or "two
up" page printing, output redirection, wild cards in filenames,
estimate of pages printed, letter or draft quality printing, date and
time stamping, "and much, much more" as they say on late-night TV.


DJLL is invoked from the command line:

C> DJLL [switches] filename [filename...]

Note the optional switches (described below) and filenames. Each
filename may be explicit (with or without path), or it may contain
wildcard characters (including '*' and '?'). Any number of filenames
may be entered, up to the length limit of a DOS command line.

Example filenames:

DJLL JOE.* Any file with "JOE" as the name.
DJLL *.DOC Any file with "DOC" as the extension.
DJLL \joe\dave*.txt Files in dir "\joe" starting with
the name "dave", ending with an
extension of "txt" (case ignored).

Or put them all on one line:

DJLL JOE.* *.DOC \joe\dave*.txt

NOTE: The free version of DJLL allows only one filename on the
command line. Furthermore, it does not process wild card characters,
so the filename must be explicit.


If DJLL is invoked without any arguments, it prints a summary of
command line switches. This is summary printed for the full-
featured version:

-f skip download of special font (value is FALSE)
-q use letter quality font (value is TRUE )
-u unidirectional print mode (value is FALSE)
-1 single page (spreadsheet) mode (value is FALSE)
-d turn off date and time stamp (value is FALSE)
-e size estimate only, no printing (value is FALSE)
-v disable vertical line (value is FALSE)
-t spacing of tab stops (value is 8 )
-p print length in lines (value is 58 )
-i IBM mode, 66 lines, no FF's (value is FALSE)
-o output device or file (value is )

NOTE: The free version of DJLL has fewer options:

-q use letter quality font (value is TRUE )
-u unidirectional print mode (value is FALSE)
-d turn off date and time stamp (value is FALSE)
-v disable vertical line (value is FALSE)

The item printed on the right is the default value for each command
line switch. DJLL has three kinds of options; boolean values
(true/false), numbers, and strings.


-f "skip download of special font" (FALSE)

When DJLL is invoked, it downloads a special font into the DeskJet.
If you have used DJLL once (since turning on your printer) and wish
to print additional files, this switch allows you to SKIP the font

Use this switch ONLY after you've used DJLL once and downloaded the
special Lineprinter font.

-q "use letter quality font" (TRUE)

DJLL can print in either "draft" or "letter" quality. This switch
allows you to select "draft" instead of the default "letter" mode.
Letter quality printing takes about one minute per logical page,
versus 30 seconds for draft.

-u "unidirectional print mode" (FALSE)

For those who demand the best quality printing, this switch forces
the DeskJet to print in one direction only. Printing takes about
twice as long compared to the default bidirectional mode. (And I
didn't even use a calculator!)

-1 "single page (spreadsheet) mode" (FALSE)

Normal files are printed in a "two up" fashion, printing two
"logical" pages per physical piece of paper. Two-up printing not only
saves trees, it lets you see a bigger piece of code or text in a
glance. Lotus power users, however, may prefer one large landscape
page for those monster spreadsheets.

"One page" mode lets you treat the printer as if it has 165 columns
and 56 (or more) rows.

-d "turn off date and time stamp" (FALSE)

Normally, the date, time, filename, and page number are printed at
the bottom of each page. You may leave off these distractions by
selecting this option.

NOTE: The free version of DJLL prints a copyright message at the
bottom of each page instead of the filename. This switch disables the
obnoxious message.

-e "size estimate only, no printing" (FALSE)

For each file, DJLL firsts calculates the number of "logical" pages
that will be printed. Before starting long print jobs, use this
switch to list the pages without actually printing anything.

You may easily calculate the approximate printing time by multiplying
the number of pages by 1 min (quality mode) or 30 sec (draft mode).
These numbers should be doubled for "spreadsheet" printing. (See
"-1" switch, above.)

-v "disable vertical line" (FALSE)

In "two-up" mode, a vertical line is printed down the page to denote
the separation of two logical pages. This switch disables the
vertical line, and forces DJLL to print the date and time at the
bottom of each physical page instead of each logical page.

-t "spacing of tab stops" (8)

Tab stops default to one every eight character positions. You may
redefine the tabs to fall anywhere you wish. Be sure you don't put
spaces between "-t" and the number: "-t9" instead of "-t 9".

-p "print length in lines" (58)

DJLL offers up to 64 printable lines. Date and time stamping takes
two lines (see -d above). If you use the defaults, 58 lines per page
and date stamping on, DJLL will print 56 lines of text before moving
to the next page. Do not put in spaces between "-p" and the number:
"-p60" instead of "-p 60".

-i "IBM mode, 66 lines, no FF's" (FALSE)

This poorly named option is for printing pre-processed DOC files that
often accompany shareware. The standard format for DOC files is 66
lines per page, with linefeeds instead of formfeeds to move to the
top of a page. Early IBM PC systems had very primitive printers and
this was the "least common denominator" format.

-o "output device or file" (PRN)

Output from DJLL may be redirected into a file or another device with
this command. For example, if your DeskJet is connected to LPT2, you
may use the switch "-oLPT2" to send the output to it. (In this
example, uppercase characters are for clarity, DOS doesn't care if
you type LPT2 or lpt2.) Do not put brackets or spaces in the name of
the file or device: "-oJUNK" instead of "-o" or "-o JUNK".


After using DJLL awhile, you will probably want to change some of the
default command line switches listed above. DJLL is easily
customized without programming. Simply define an "environment
variable" that provides the switches you prefer:

set DJLL= -oLPT2 -1 Defaults to "LPT2" as the print
device, one-page mode.
set DJLL= -d -p60 Defaults to no date stamp, 60 lines
per page.
set DJLL= -fq Defaults to NO font download, draft
quality printing.

This environment variable lets you customize DJLL, i.e. force it to
start with your preferred settings. You can still change these
settings from the command line. When DJLL is invoked, it first scans
the switches provided through the environment variable and then scans
the command line switches. In the last example above, the switch
"-f" causes DJLL to skip the special font download sequence. The
first time you use DJLL, however, you must provide "-f" on the
command line to download the font into your DeskJet.

NOTE: The free version of DJLL does not check for this environment
variable, and is not customizable.


The best feature of DJLL is the special 16.6 pitch "Lineprinter" font
that comes with it. This font was modeled after the HP LaserJet font
of the same name by Skene Moody. Skene offers a utility that no
DeskJet owner should be without: LJ2DESK. It reads LaserJet-
compatible soft fonts and turns them into DeskJet soft fonts.

NOTE: Those who order the full-featured version of DJLL also receive
a portrait version of the Lineprinter font.


If you would like to upgrade to the full-featured version of DJLL,
send $35 cash, check, or money order to:

Joe Barnhart
1604 Deer Run
Santa Rosa, CA

Specify disk format when ordering, 3.5" (720K) or 5.25" (360K).
California residents please add 6% sales tax (total $37.10).
Residents of Canada please send bank check or money order in US$.

If you'd like to send a message concerning DJLL, I may be reached at
the above address or through Compuserve (76174,1573).

If you are interested in LJ2DESK, Skene Moody may be contacted at:

S.H. Moody & Associates
1810 Fair Oaks Avenue
South Pasadena, CA

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