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#: 62635 S4/Printers & Plotters
16-Jan-90 18:37:58
Sb: DeskWriter ink
Fm: Bill Brown 76377,54
To: Sysop

Is this where I can ask questions about the DeskWriter printer? If so, what
can I do about the water solubility of the ink? Is HP working on the problem?
Or is there a third party solution/workaround? Thanks, Bill

#: 62670 S4/Printers & Plotters
17-Jan-90 03:36:48
Sb: #62635-DeskWriter ink
Fm: Ted Dickens (Sysop) 76701,272
To: Bill Brown 76377,54

This is a good place to ask about the DeskJet. While I don't have one, there
are lots of DeskJet owners here.

Rumor has it that HP has been working on a waterproof ink since the DeskJet was
introduced. The problems are pretty obvious: The ink must be very liquid to be
sprayed through the ink jets. The ink must also be non-toxic. That limits the
chemistry a great deal.

Latest rumor is that a new HP ink is in the works, but is waiting for FDA

Finally, third parties are now marketing reinking kits that purport to be
waterproof. One report said the ink was waterproof, another report said the
ink was worse than HP's. (These may have been reports on different vendors...)

#: 62707 S4/Printers & Plotters
17-Jan-90 20:40:30
Sb: #62670-#DeskWriter ink
Fm: Bill Brown 76377,54
To: Ted Dickens (Sysop) 76701,272

Thanx for the quick response. Can you give me any details about the third
party re-inking kits? Its worth looking at unitl the non-watersoluble ink
arrives from HP, RSN.

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#: 62746 S4/Printers & Plotters
18-Jan-90 19:44:22
Sb: #62707-#DeskWriter ink
Fm: Ted Dickens (Sysop) 76701,272
To: Bill Brown 76377,54 (X)

Messages posted in section 4 over the past few days make it pretty clear that
the aftermarket kits are NOT water proof. One message said that the refill kit
was worse than the HP ink.

That doesn't surprise me. The only think people knock about the DeskJet is the
ink. I suspect HP has devoted substantial resources to finding a more
permanent formula. If such a thing were available anywhere, HP would almost
certainly be OEMing it.

The DeskJet ink has some pretty exacting specifications. It has to form
precise bubbles when boiled -- every bubble essentially the same size. It has
to have uniform consistency so that it will fly straight. It has to spread
"just so" to form readable dots without bleeding. It has to dry very quickly.
If that weren't enough, it also has to be non-toxic.

This is an opportunity for someone to make a _lot_ of money... I'm sure HP
wants to be the one that succeeds first.

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#: 62753 S4/Printers & Plotters
18-Jan-90 20:58:27
Sb: #62746-#DeskWriter ink
Fm: Bill Brown 76377,54
To: Ted Dickens (Sysop) 76701,272

I had a sneaking suspicion that was the case, but I had to try. I'll wait
until HP makes the breakthrough. Other than that, the DW is a _great_ machine.
And the ink problem wouldn't be so bad either if there wasn't such a nice
envelope feeder. I address all of my envelopes that way, but here in the
Pacific North West I'm taking a gamble...Thanks for the info

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#: 62785 S4/Printers & Plotters
19-Jan-90 16:39:34
Sb: #62746-#DeskWriter ink
Fm: David Sternlight 70735,1161
To: Ted Dickens (Sysop) 76701,272

Although your description of the requirements for HP ink are indeed impressive,
how is it that Shaeffer's Skrip Black, and Mont Blanc Black give results at
least as good (some say better) than the original HP ink?


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#: 62804 S4/Printers & Plotters
19-Jan-90 23:31:53
Sb: #62785-#DeskWriter ink
Fm: Ted Dickens (Sysop) 76701,272
To: David Sternlight 70735,1161 (X)

I readily admit that I usually only peruse the DeskJet messages -- 'cuz I don't
own one. But my impression is that those who are refilling with Skrip have
posted these results.

1. Skrip does not plug up the works (most inks do). 2. Skrip adheres to the
paper somewhat better than the HP ink (but it is not waterproof). 3. A refilled
cartridge does not last as long as an original. That is, if a new cartridge
lasts for 400 pages, a refilled cartridge lasts for significantly fewer pages.
4. Refilling cartridges makes great sense, economically. Once you get the
paraphenalia together and master the art of refilling -- refilling is simple,
clean, effective -- and very cheap. I gather it takes only a few cents worth
of ink to refill a $15 cartridge.

Hey, Ward -- does the Skrip ink last as long (per refill) as the original HP

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#: 62823 S4/Printers & Plotters
20-Jan-90 09:13:52
Sb: #62804-DeskWriter ink
Fm: Gary Elfring 72417,3437
To: Ted Dickens (Sysop) 76701,272

I can suppy two additions to your info about refilling ink cartridges.

1) Never let a cartridge run totally out of ink. If you plan on refilling, keep
adding ink to the cartridge often enough so that it doesn't ever run out. The
heater inside each ink jet nozzle is designed to disipae its heat into a liquid
(ink). If you run out of ink you will soon burn the heater out and thus kill
that jet.

2) Never mix an ink with a different brand. Inks contain a bunch of wierd
chemicals. If you mix two different inks a precipitate may result which will
clog up ink jets. When changing inks for the first time flus the cartridge with
water first!

#: 62831 S4/Printers & Plotters
20-Jan-90 12:56:54
Sb: #62804-#DeskWriter ink
Fm: David Sternlight 70735,1161
To: Ted Dickens (Sysop) 76701,272

It turns out that the Diablo refills with the accordion bottle are themselves
easily refilled; the top pops off.

That solves the problem for those who live in states where possession of
hypodermic syringes without a doctor's prescription is illegal.

The top of the Diablo refill is large enough so that refill could be refilled
using a small funnel or some such. Since the top is a snap fit, and there is a
little cover for the end of the needle spout, it should be possible to keep the
two bottles that come in the Diablo kit refilled at all times.

Unfortunately, the HP cartridge I refilled using the Diablo ink died at refill
time (some jets clogged) so I can't report on the Diablo ink. I got only one
refill out of that HP cartridge, and toward the end the print image was
somewhat irregular.


#: 62646 S4/Printers & Plotters
16-Jan-90 19:50:58
Sb: DeskJet ink
Fm: Fred Monsour 70307,2735
To: all

Just a note re the search for waterproof DeskJet ink:

I called Mile High Engineering about their refill kit, specifically to double
check about the permanency of the ink they use. After much asking around at
their end they decided that the ink was water soluble and NOT PERMANENT. I
don't know if the ink might still be more water resistant than HP's (it
couldn'tbe any less!), so would like to hear from anyone who's actually used
the Mile High refill kit.

Fred Monsour

#: 62697 S4/Printers & Plotters
17-Jan-90 19:24:39
Sb: #62646-DeskJet ink
Fm: Lee Cohn 72456,526
To: Fred Monsour 70307,2735

I ordered that kit from Mile High and received it about a week ago. Your
absolutely correct about the waterproof qualities (or lack thereof) of the
refill kit, which is made by Diablo, (remember them from the days of Xerox 800
series printers?.) I haven't noticed any visible improvement in the print
quality of the Diablo refill, however I've only reloaded 1 cartridge, so in all
fairness I'll wait before I comment. I can say that that the Diablo refill kit
appears no more permanent than the original HP cartridge. -Lee

#: 62862 S4/Printers & Plotters
21-Jan-90 14:46:09
Sb: #62850-#How remove old ink-DJ
Fm: David Sternlight 70735,1161
To: Ward Christensen 76703,302 (X)

I finally gave up on my latest cartridge (which lasted for about 1 refill)
after having a similar experience. One jet wouldn't print; directing a stream
of water directly at it didn't help, nor did blowing or wiping. Your
observation that wiping leads to getting nothing out is accurate; you have to
print about 5-10 pages for it to get working again. If you overfill it, you get
globs of ink on the paper along the way.

Dunno if it's fibers in the Kleenex I use or what. But even rinsing the end and
not wiping leads to no output at first; probably the jet shoots the ink out and
it doesn't get past the wet surface. Then it accumulates there.

I tried spraying a CD cleaner surfactant on it as a last resort, and that
almost worked in cleaning the jet, but not quite.

I haven't tried this, but perhaps after a washing and wiping, a thorough drying
of the business end with a compressed air sprayer of the sort used to clean
keyboards would help.

My other theory is that you are mistaken about refilling while there's still
ink in it; that that leads to precipitation and clogging and that you should
wait til it runs dry before refilling. I did that once a while ago and it
worked fine; perhaps I'll try that on my current cartridge when it runs dry. Of
course you have to watch the output and catch it on the very page where it runs
dry; I'm sure you're correct that if you print several pages with a dry
cartridge, nasty melting things might happen.


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#: 62873 S4/Printers & Plotters
21-Jan-90 19:49:21
Sb: #62862-How remove old ink-DJ
Fm: Carl Stevenson 73065,270
To: David Sternlight 70735,1161 (X)


For whatever it's worth, I've always run my carts until they start "skipping"
(run dry) ... then refill. I guess I'm just lucky that I've (knock on wood!)
never had any problems.

Good luck, Carl

#: 63072 S4/Printers & Plotters
24-Jan-90 23:24:40
Sb: #63060-How remove old ink-DJ
Fm: Carl Stevenson 73065,270
To: Brent Jones 71301,1742


I have refilled about 8 carts ... I've used them all once (after 1st refill)
and refilled again. (8 carts refilled 2X)

The one I'm using now has been has been refilled about 4 or 5 times ... when
it's run dry, I've just immediately taken the ink to the bathroom sink, rinsed
the head, injected 12cc of ink, re-installed, and gone back to printing.

The others are packed in rolled-up zip-lock sandwich bags, with all the air
possible squeezed out, and stored in the aluminum and plastic containers in
which they came. (Heads were throroughly rinsed out before refill, no ink
showing in the head area.) If one balks on installation, I just rinse, inject
2cc of tap water, and they print (hasn't failed yet, knock on wood).

Hope this answers your question ... as I said, I have not done any formal
testing of any sort, just found something that hasn't given any problems (yet)
and stuck with it.


#: 63794 S4/Printers & Plotters
07-Feb-90 10:47:59
Sb: #DeskJet RE-INKING Kit
Fm: Lincoln Frye 71331,2675
To: All Fun Hackers

We, at BrightDot Solutions, P.O. Box 967, Lakeside, CA, 92040, will soon market
a well-documented, complete, re-inking kit for the DeskJet. This kit will be
reasonably priced and designed to be so easy to use, that we will offer a free
refill and "revival" of your unsuccessful (if any) re-inkings. Please send
along your comments and suggestions to us at the above address. Thanks. Keep
on "FUN HACKING." (Credit to Ward C. for coining that one).

Lincoln Frye President, BrightDot Solutions

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#: 63890 S4/Printers & Plotters
08-Feb-90 21:04:18
Sb: DJ re-ink life
Fm: Carl Stevenson 73065,270
To: All

Hello all re-inkers and would-be re-ikers,

Since some folks have been asking about how many pages to expect, how many
times a cartridge may be re-inked, etc., I thought I'd keep track for a while.

I have re-inked the same cartridge 8 times now, and have not noticed any
degradation in print quality. Several times, this cart has run dry in the
middle of a lengthly document, and has printed 20-30 pages of crappy, faded
print before I've noticed it had run dry. After squirting 12cc of Scrip into
the foam, it's always returned to "normal" after about 1/2 a page of test
printing. Twice, I had to wipe the contacts with tissue, and once I used
"Ward's Ink Expulsion Technique" ... putting lips over the top where
the "breather" hole is and blowing to get 'em all flowing again (DO THIS OVER
A TRASH CAN ... it gets MESSY if you don't!!!)

Anyway, I think I'll just keep refilling this one cart, until it "dies" and
will report back on my oveservations ... meantime, the other 8 or 9 that I've
refilled and bagged will be on "shelf life test."

Regards to all, Carl

#: 64393 S4/Printers & Plotters
19-Feb-90 05:40:41
Sb: #64105-DeskJet RE-INKING Kit
Fm: Jerome Cohl 72477,3205
To: Rollo Silver 70441,3440

There is a company;
RAVEN Systems of Oakland
33 Seminole Ave.
Oakland, NJ 07436
Tel 201-337-4969 That makes a reinker for Deskjet/Deskwriter Injet
printers. It costs $ 20.00+$2.75 S&H and allows the cartridges to be refilled
for 8 or more times at a cost of $ 1.60/Cart !. Current they have Black only
but they are working on colors.

Jerry Cohl

#: 64398 S4/Printers & Plotters
19-Feb-90 08:51:00
Sb: #64290-Deskjet Inks
Fm: Julio Juncal 72237,2542
To: Randall Demaree 70267,3032

Color ink cartridges suppliers:

BrightDot Solutions, 12008 Serena Road, Lakeside, CA 92040 619-561-9415.
Refills and color ink carts
Grove Computer Systems, 9242 North Oketo Avenue, Morton Grove, Illinois 60053
Phone/Fax 708-966-2723. Re-inker kits

#: 65307 S4/Printers & Plotters
02-Mar-90 09:19:49
Sb: #65263-Laser/DeskJet cost/page
Fm: Gary Elfring 72417,3437
To: Warren Keuffel 76702,525

Note that you can re-ink the DeskJet cartridges. It costs about $1 to refill a
DeskJet ink cartridge. The average user re-inking his own cartridges gets at
least 5 refills these days. So a DeskJet cartridge lists for $19, discounts
for $15 and with refills costs $20 for 6 - 400 page runs. (2400 pages.)

#: 65449 S4/Printers & Plotters
03-Mar-90 19:33:03
Sb: #Deskjet cartridge recycl
Fm: Gil Yoder 73237,3103
To: All

I read on page 8 of this month's CompuServe Magazine that some DeskJet users
were refilling their ink cartridges with a syringe and and cheap drug store
ink. Would someone mind going over that again for this late comer? Also what
are the downsides of doing this? Any help is appreciated.


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#: 65473 S4/Printers & Plotters
04-Mar-90 01:24:31
Sb: #65449-Deskjet cartridge recycl
Fm: CYNTHIA KUKUDA 70003,5375
To: Gil Yoder 73237,3103

I got my deskjet + in May of 89. One cartridge came with it. When it ran out
of ink I bought another. Then I read the threads about refilling them. I have
used shaffer ink but have switched to parker. The parker is a permenant ink.
It is much like the shaffer but I find that doing graphics it dosen't soak
thru the paper as much. It also seems to not smear as easy from water than
the shaffer. It is about $1.38 a bottle. I am still using the original two
cartridges with excellant performance. I have found that I can buy paper for
1.80 a ream in boxes of ten reams. Even nicer , I set the desk jet to draft
mode in the autoexec.bat file because the draft quality is excellant and saves
a lot of ink. Due to the design of the printer it is easy to take old
printouts and turn them over and print on the other side. This economics more
than offsets the higher price I paid for this printer. I just wish I could buy
a cartridge that would allow it to take HPGL plotter commands directly.
Needless to say, I am pleased. jk

#: 65820 S4/Printers & Plotters
08-Mar-90 02:20:31
Sb: #65804-Deskjet cartridge recycl
Fm: Ted Dickens (Sysop) 76701,272
To: Steve Hammond 75166,321 75166,321

They tell you how to refill the ink cartridges for DeskJet/DeskWriter

There are good reasons to do so. A refill costs only a few cents, versus
$15-$20 for a new cartridge. And while the cartridge is very small, it
represents a lot of energy; reusing it is good for the environment.

#: 65927 S4/Printers & Plotters
08-Mar-90 21:43:59
Sb: Deskjet Ink Refills
Fm: ronald orr 72311,3200
To: All

Diablo Supplies, a division of Xerox, makes a refill packet for the
DeskJet. It contains 2 refills of black ink in syringes which can be, in turn,
refilled with Sheaffer's Skrip Ink if you want. The Diablo Reorder number is
8R03744. It cost about $13. I've had excellent luck with Brown Skrip ink, for
a change from black ink.

I also bought a medical 30cc syringe from the local animal vet but I
haven't used it yet.

#: 65966 S4/Printers & Plotters
09-Mar-90 11:12:35
Sb: DJ Cartridge Reinking
Fm: Oscar Smith 75040,33
To: John M. Dlugosz 74066,3717

John, Just read INK.ZIP. Thanks for putting it together. I use Sheaffer
Skrip Permanent Jet Black ink with no problems (so far). I use a 1.5", 3cc,
21 guage syringe (35 cents). The 21 guage size is small enough that I don't
need to drill a second hole. I insert the needle to the bottom, back off a
hair, and put in 6ccs. I'm like Ward in that I don't wait for it to fade, so
I have no idea how many pages I get, etc. It just works well. Regards

#: 66128 S4/Printers & Plotters
11-Mar-90 21:13:11
Sb: DJ INK CART $8.00
Fm: ERIC TOMASON 76416,2774
To: 76416,2774 (X)


#: 66588 S4/Printers & Plotters
17-Mar-90 10:12:00
Sb: DJ Ink refill service
Fm: Steve Liberty 71450,2341
To: all

I have just received my first refilled/color converted ink cartridge from
BrightDot SOlutions of Lakeside CA, and thought I would report. I sent an
empty DJ cart in the supplied mailer along with a check for $15.00. I think
this is the charge only for the conversion to a new color. Once converted, I
think the cost is only $7.50. They pay the shipping. I had them convert my
cart to Turquoise. When it arrived, there were two carts in the box, with a
note. The one I sent failed the self test - several jets were not firing. So
he sent it back, and also sent me one of his used carts filled with Turquoise
ink. No extra charge this time - perhaps because I am a new customer. The one
he supplied works like a charm, and the ink is a very nice solid Turquoise
color. The box he sent it in is reusable, so when I want to refill again, I
can send it back in that box. I will not really know how long the refill lasts
for some time, since I will use it infrequently for special purposes only, but
so far I am satisfied. Black refills cost $7.50. COlor conversions cost
$15.00. If he supplies the cart for a color conversion it costs $27.50 (but
not this time). He always pays the shipping. The number is (619) 561-9415. If
you call he will send a sample of each color, an order form, and a mailer.

#: 66648 S4/Printers & Plotters
18-Mar-90 00:44:33
Sb: #66559-DJ INK CART $8.00
Fm: Jim Jordan 75366,311
To: Ralph G. de Leon 76114,716 (X)

Raven Systems in NJ (201-337-4969) has a nice little DJ reinking kit -- you
get 120 cc of black ink, a little squeeze bottle that holds the right amount
for a recharge, and some teflon tubing which is pointed on one end and mates
to the squeeze bottle on the other end. $20 for 4-5 unmessy recharges. The
ink looks as good if not better than HP. Hope this helps! Later... Jim

#: 67020 S4/Printers & Plotters
22-Mar-90 08:28:43
Sb: #66827-re-inking cartridges
Fm: Rollo Silver 70441,3440
To: Dick Rucker 74736,3171

"Are DeskWriter cartridges and DeskJet cartridges identical?" Yes (I believe).
Reinking kits can be had from:
1. Raven Systems of Oakland, NJ Inc. (201)337-4969
2. Grove Enterprises, Inc. (708)966-2723
I have both of these, but no experience yet to evaluate them.

1. Raven's is $20 for a kit (4 oz ink), and provides a plastic squeeze bottle
with a thin plastic tube. You refill by inserting the tube in the air hole of
the cartridge (found in the green arrow on top) and squeezing ink in.

2. Grove's is $27.95 for a kit (8 oz ink), another $2 for a cartridge mod kit
(drillbit with a plastic sleeve to limit penetration, + instrtuctions). With
Grove's system you have to drill a refilling hole in the cart, which you plug
up with a plastic "cork". You then refill by squeezing ink into the refilling
hole, the original air hole being used to avoid any buildup of pressure in the

People have reported damaging the delicate structure in the cartridge nose by
applying too much pressure while refilling, so the Grove system may be worth
the extra trouble. I dunno, at this point.

Grove's price list indicates that they will be providing re-inking kits in
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, & Brown "soon".


#: 67081 S4/Printers & Plotters
23-Mar-90 01:09:20
Sb: DJ+ Re-Inking Problems
Fm: Dick Dwyer 73577,540

Since last May I have been happily re-inking DeskJet Plus cartridges with a
hyperdermic and Sheaffer ink. It's worked fine. Recently, however, I have run
into problems with new cartridges. Refilling them with ink in the usual manner
does not work -- completely blank pages are the product. I've noted that HP
has come out with cartridge refills (about $10 at my local HP dealer, a rather
nice mark-up for a little ink). I wonder if perhaps there has been a change in
the composition of the cartridge to frustrate do-it-yourself re-inkers like
myself. Have any other of you re-inkers run into this problem recently?
Thanks. Dick D.

#: 67136 S4/Printers & Plotters
24-Mar-90 02:30:26
Sb: #67081-DJ+ Re-Inking Problems
Fm: Lincoln Frye 71331,2675
To: Dick Dwyer 73577,540

Dick, I don't think the cartridge refill is from HP. Could it be from an
outfit called Graphics Utilities? Don't let the packaging lead you astray. As
for your particular fouled cartridge, send it to us, along with a check for
$7.50, and we'll have that baby singing for you (or no charge). Just don't
send along any cartridges which are fouled because of incompatable inks.
Regarding HP's changes in cartridge design: The only problems I've encountered
is with newer (10/90) dates. The circuit board edge corners on the nose seem
to be more likely to pull loose. ALL YOU FUN-HACKERS BE CAREFUL!!! THE LATEST

Lincoln Frye, BrightDot P.O. Box 967 Lakeside, CA 92040 (619) 561-9415

#: 67176 S4/Printers & Plotters
24-Mar-90 22:16:57
Sb: #67062-re-inking cartridges
Fm: Rollo Silver 70441,3440
To: Dick Rucker 74736,3171

According to Grove, 8.5 oz ink (their bottle) does 11.33 refills.
You don't "have to" go back to Grove for refills; all kinds of people her on
CI$ will give you advice about what ink to use.

#: 63010 S4/Printers & Plotters
23-Jan-90 22:17:49
Sb: Deskwriter Ink
Fm: David Sternlight 70735,1161
To: All

In response to an inquiry to HP service, I received a call from an HP staff
member in the Printer division in Vancouver.

The following is the status of waterproof ink for the Deskwriter:

It is very high priority.
It is at least six months away.
They thought they had a formulation but it proved highly toxic, so they
abandoned it. (The word used was "poisonous.")
They are working hard on it.