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[This is a copy of the information that appeared on the form for
upgrading from the HP DeskJet or DeskJet PLUS to the DeskJet 500 in case
you don't want to wait for the form to be sent to you. Any comments of
mine are enclosed in square brackets.

Stan Slonkosky, 71470,255]

Upgrading Your DeskJet or DeskJet PLUS Printer to a DeskJet 500 in 5
Easy Steps!


On September 4, 1990, a new printer from Hewlett-Packard was introduced,
the HP DeskJet 500 printer. The DeskJet 500 printer offers all of the
features of the DeskJet (2276A) and DeskJet PLUS (2277A) printers, and
MORE! More fonts: built-in kerned CG Times, Letter Gothic, and Courier;
four new optional font cartridges with kerned text: Garamond, Brush, Dom
Casual, and Global text; built-in landscape printing (already present in
the DeskJet PLUS printer); and text and graphics printing up to five
times faster than the DeskJet printer. And, all of the font cartridges
you currently use with your printer will work in the DeskJet 500!
Instructions for using your new features can be easily be found in the
DeskJet 500 printer Owner's Manual that you will receive with your
upgraded printer.

You will also receive a Microsoft Windows 3.0 driver that offers full
Windows support. [probably not till Nov. or so]

Still have some questions?
For additional information, call the Hewlett-Packard Customer Support
Service Center at 208/323-2551.
5 Easy Upgrade Steps

1. Complete the attached form.

2. Package your HP DeskJet or DeskJet PLUS printer for shipping (if
available, in original packaging material.) [I phoned to see if you
should send the power tranformer and was told not to send it or any
accessories.] Be sure to enclose:

a) the attached, completed form
b) $175US/$203 Canadian for the DeskJet PLUS or $225 US/$261
Canadian for the DeskJet, check, money order, Mastercard, or VISA,
upgrade payment issued to Hewlett-Packard Company. Please do not
enclose cash!

3. Insure packaged HP DeskJet or DeskJet PLUS printer for its full

4. Prepay the package delivery to:
HP Corvallis Service Center
1030 N.E. Circle Blvd.
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
5. Your HP DeskJet 500 printer will be upgraded in 3-4 working days,
then returned via UPS.

Please detach on this line

Please Upgrade My DeskJet or DeskJet PLUS Printer to a DeskJet 500

1. Enclosed is my postage prepaid and fully insured DeskJet or DeskJet
PLUS printer.

2. Also enclosed is my $175 US/$203 Canadian for the DeskJet PLUS, or
$225 US/$261 Canadian for the DeskJet, payment (do not send cash)
payable to Hewlett-Packard via (please check one).

[ ] Check [ ] Money Order
[ ] Mastercard [ ] Visa


Exp. Date ________________

Cardholder's Signature

3. My HP DeskJet or DeskJet PLUS serial number (according to the
bottom of my printer is:


4. My day phone number is:


5. My evening phone number is:


6. After the upgrade is completed, please send my HP DeskJet 500
printer to:


Company Name

Street Address

City State/Province Postal Code


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