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.. Grid by Aaron Contorer, 1988
.. A Bradford 2 demonstration file
.. To print:
.. A> bradford grid
.. Here's a neat demonstration of Bradford's macro capabilities.
.. If you are a "power user" or a "computer hacker," you'll love
.. playing with Bradford in advanced ways like this.
.. This file is essentially a "program" for Bradford that makes it
.. print a grid. The grid will be a sort of "daily planner" for
.. 7am through midnight, Monday through Sunday. It will be labelled
.. semi-automatically for the various times of day using Bradford's
.. chapter numbering ability. Bradford will repeat the grid pattern
.. down the page automatically by triggering the macro.
.. set some margins
.. justification will spread the grid across the page
.. reduce line spacing so vertical bars are close together
.. specify page length for new line spacing
.. since | is normally the toggle character, we will change the toggle
.. character to ~ so the | will be printed
.. Here's the macro definition. First a line of vertical bars, underlined.
.. The underline forms the horizontal lines of our grid.
.. The next line contains the number for the grid segment. We change
.. the left and margins and change the style to flush right. We print
.. the chapter number and designate the line to be overstruck, since we
.. want the number to appear on the same line as the grid, not on a line
.. by itself. Note that we turn off justification on the line containing
.. the chapter number, since we don't want it to be spread across the page.
.. Right after the chapter number is printed, we execute macro A. This
.. macro will used to print a label after the number, such as "am" or "pm".
.. When we're done with the chapter number, we fix the margins and switch
.. back to justified printing.
.. Then we print the three lines of open space that constitute the "meat"
.. of the grid. Finally, we increase the chapter number so the next
.. segment of the grid will have the next higher number.
.mdg "\ul1 ||||||||\ul0
\str \po0 \mr9 \cn \xma \ov
\stj \po10 \mr74 ||||||||
.. Just for the heck of it, let's define "]" as a shorthand trigger for
.. the macro we've just defined.
.. We'll use our grid to print a daily schedule from 7am to midnight.
.. Therefore we'll want chapters numbered 7am-12pm, followed by 1pm-12am.
.. First, let's make macro A contain the label "am".
.mda "am"
.. Now start with chapter number 7.
.. Let's print the grid piece for 7am-11am by repeatedly executing the macro.
.. Let's do lunch.
.mda "noon"
.. Now we want to start over with number 1, and the label "pm".
.mda "pm"
.. It's midnight.
.mda "mid"
.. Finally, print the bottom line to finish off the grid.
\ul1 ||||||||\ul0

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Archive   : BRAD2.ZIP
Filename : GRID

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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