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This release of AUTOLABL! v1.3 hopefully corrects numerous logic
errors as well as several annoyances found in previous versions.
It is meant as a direct replacement for all earlier releases. This one
also has several enhancements for increased speed and flexibility, most
of which was added based on user response. These embellishments include:

* A "Pause" has been added when previewing a list. This
makes it easy to check the contents of a long list.
Pressing any key will resume the scrolling.

* A "A)dd to list" option has been included when a multiply
entry file has been recalled.

* A "N)ew label" option has been added to the exit routine
which erases all previous label text to begin a new label.

* All searches are now CASE INSENSITIVE, and do not require
an exact match of spaces and text, as with previous versions.

* All errors with regard to list additions and entry number
counting have been fixed.

* Now even smaller than any other version.

* And still FREE!

I am constantly updating this program, so keep an eye out for newer
and better versions. With the next release, I hope to include custom
configuration so any printer may be used, not just Epson dot matrix
compatable printers. This will not, however, happen for some time.
In the mean time, any fixes (heaven forbid) needed for this release
will be uploaded as soon as possible. Please let me know of any and
all problems you might come across. It is only through your input that
suggestions can be incorporated into this and subsequent versions of
Jim Guare