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>Hi Dave,
> On the USENET message basin, you were talking about adding a

> 32 K buffer to a 1124 printer for relatively little money.
> I think someone mentioned the only thing you really need is

> some HITACHI chip for about 6 or 7 bucks. For that little,

> I would love to do it. What chip do I need and where can I

> get it from? Also, no one said whether you can or you can't

> have the correct setup for the buffer held in the printers >

memory so you do not have to reset the printer everytime.
> Can you save the set up?
>Gerald Sylvester
>[email protected]
>[email protected]

Hello Gerald,
The memory chip I used is a 62256lp-10. This is a 32kx8,
low power, 100ns, static RAM. I have been told that a 120ns chip
will do as well. It should be relatively easy to find locally.
If not, then virtually every mail order parts place will have
them. I got mine from:

JDR Microdevices
2233 Branham Lane
San Jose, CA 95126

This worked well in my KX-P1124, but remember, you proceed at
your own risk!

As to saving the configuration, once you have changed anything in

the "Initial Setup Mode," the change remains. No need to do it

everytime you power up. See the reference card in the back of
the manual.

David Metzger
[email protected]

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _O_/_ _ _ _ _C_U_T_ _H_E_R_E_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
O \

Instructions are NOT included, so when installing, half moon
on chip will face towards the back. It fits on the far left side
of the other two chips that are already installed. Hardest part
of this whole process is getting into the printer!

Pop off the front panel by inserting a flat head screwdriver
in the top outer edge of the seam between the panel and top
plastic molding (look where it says Panasonic KX-P1124 -- just
above is a seam.)
To "enable" the buffer, press FUNCTION while you turn the
printer ON. If you don't hold down the FUNCTION button, the
printer will never let you access the 7th row setting for the

Initial setup mode for the buffer is 7th row / 1st column.
Press SET, then FUNCTION and your buffer will be enabled. These
steps are absolutely necessary for using downloadable fonts, not
sure if you need it otherwise.

Save these instructions -- none of this is easily found in
the manual.
It's there, but just not immediately locatable.

Sandra Rozhon ([email protected])


You will not really know if the buffer is enabled. The way I
checked it was to load a large text file into word perfect and
then printed it in letter quality mode (data quality is too fast)
and then watched to see what page number was sent to the printer
under the control printer menu (Shift F7, C). If you have
trouble, just send me a message.

Gerald Sylvester

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