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Version 2.0a
Copyright 1992 - Thomas Martin


This is almost a total rewrite of this program. People have
requested support for LPT2: and that some of the menu choices
be taken out to prevent tampering with their systems. The
program had just about grown out of being a printer control
panel as it was intended when I got the idea. This hopefully
gets it back into the mainstream of it's original intention.
The system stats section has been taken completely out. There
is no longer a configuration file with this program. The program
however does still have error checking to see if the printer is
On-Line before sending any command of printing a file.


* I have trimmed the total .EXE file size and added better
error checking to boot. The last release was a whopping 103K
and now it is considerably smaller.

* Almost any printer function that the normal user would need
is here now.

* Monochrome monitor support is there too.

* Better mouse routines and compatibility with more different
brands of mice.

* Better looking screens with overlapping windows.

* Mouse supported field editor for entry of the filename
for printing.

* Different error checking to see if the printer is On-Line
and ready. Since there is really no standard at this time.


1124.EXE is a small quick utility to be able to print your
ASCII files and select fonts without having to load your
word processor. I have loved everything about my Panasonic
KX-P1124 printer since I got it about 4 years ago except for
that darn cumbersome and agrivating font selection panel. I
wrote this program for my own use at first but have had several
requests for copies of it. Here it is!

1124.EXE has been tested with some other Epson compatible
24 pin printers. The printer must be compatible with the
LQ-2500 though. Please send feedback on this.


* 1124 Control Panel was wrote for the old Panasonic KX-P1124
printer without the so called EZ Set control panel on the
1124i. It should however work exactly the same with the 1124i
printer. Please send feedback if you find any problems or bugs.

* Mouse support for a Microsoft compatible mouse.

* This program will send control codes to your printer so that
you can print your text files without having to run your word
processor, select fonts and then start the print job.

* You will have the ability to select the appropriate font and
then print your text file from within the same small utility.

* On-Line help.


To install 1124 Control Panel simply copy the 1124.EXE program
to any directory listed under your path statement and run the


Operation of this program is very simple. Either hit the hot
key (the letter in the parenthesis) or move the mouse cursor
over the letter corresponding the the function desired and
hit the left mouse button. A bell will sound in the printer
if the selection has been received or an error message will
appear on the screen if there is a problem.

NOTE: Running the program with the /2 option
example: "1124 /2" will utilize LPT2: throughout the
program. (This has not been tested but should work as
the LPT1: routines worked fine.)


Print a text file is very simple. Select the font you want
your text to appear in then select selection "X". Type in the
name and path of the file if necessary. The prining box will
appear with the current line number being printed until the
file has been completely sent to the printer. Upon completion
you will be taken back to the main menu.


If you want to see the selection or combination of selections
just hit "K" to see what you have chosen.


To send codes from the command line just type the program name
followed by the appropriate command. Example: 1124 /BOLD

Although commands can't be stacked with this method, they can
be selected one after the other if you like.

The command line switches are as follows:
/CLEAR - sets all printer params to the power on defaults
/PRESTIGE - sets the font to Prestige
/BOLD PS - sets the font to Bold PS
/SCRIPT - sets the font to Script
/SANS SERIF - sets the font to Sans Serif
/COURIER - sets the font to Courier
/BOLD - selects bold characters
/ITALICS - selects italic characters
/COND - selects condensed characters
/ELITE - selects elite characters
/FF - sends a form feed to the printer
/LF - sends a line feed to the printer
/GRAPHIC CHARS - selects the graphic character set
/ITALIC CHARS - selects the italic character set
/QUIET - sets the printer to the quiet mode
/HELP - runs the program and displays the help screen. The program
terminates when you press a key.
? - See /HELP section above.


/2 - Selects LPT2: for those of you with 2 printer ports and
have your 1124 connected to LPT2:.

/M - Selects Monochrome monitor mode (Black & White).

Note: Allthough the commands are listed here, they are
also listed in the help screen. You may wish to do
a print screen to have a condensed list of them.

Note: The /2 and the /M commands can be stacked on the
same line to use LPT2: and Black & White mode
together. You still can't stack printer commands.
This may come up in future versions if this one
goes well.


Custom features are available by contacting the author at the
address contained within this document and the HELP and ABOUT
screens contained in the program.


Support is available on Compuserve to address 75720,3376 or by
mail. I tried phone support and got alot of calls from users that
promised to register. Even though they still use the program they
still haven't sent it in, so phone support is no more.


I would like to hear about things you like or dislike. About
bugs or any comments you have. Please include your printer
model, computer model, cpu, speed, memory, etc... There is a
Registration form contained in the distribution archive for your


Please support shareware. Shareware authors probably supply
half of the software being run on computers since the 80's.
The registration is only $9.95. This is a small price to pay
not to have to use that darn control panel on the printer.

Registered users will be notified of future updates and
upgrades. Registered users will also receive a substantial
cut in the cost of the next major upgrade.

Please mail in your check or money order for $9.95 to:

4901 McWillie Cr. #125

Jackson, MS 39206


The author assumes no responsability for damages caused
either directly or indirectly from use of this product.

* KX-P1124 is a Trademark of Panasonic.

* Microsoft is a Trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

* The 1124 Control Panel program is a product and invention
of Thomas L. Martin.

* EPSON is a Trademark of Epson America.

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