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Dear ShareWare Vendor:

This file contains our distribution policy and information on all products.


RAM Software Development has a simple distribution policy: You have
permission to distribute our shareware in its original form as long as

* identify it as shareware (with an appropriate definition)

* leave all intellectual property (copyright) notices in place

..and as long as we do not request that you stop.

That's it.

You may archive our programs, unarchive them, include/exclude optional
files (like this one), include them with other programs on the same
diskette, and do essentially anything you want as long as you follow
these simple rules. We want the widest possible distribution, and don't
want to stand in your way so long as you are honest with our mutual

We suggest that you include all files with the same name (Stripper.exe,
Stripper.doc, etc...) in your distribution together with the file
register.doc. You may choose to include all or a part of this file with
your distribution at your option.

Our normal distribution sequence is:

1 New versions are offered to our registered users and are
automatically shipped to new registrants.

2 New versions are posted on CIS (use IBMFF on ID 71163,214).

3 Then, we send copies of major revisions of software to non-ASP
vendors who have notified us of their interest. If you are a catalog
house, send us a copy of the catalog in which the program appears,
together with a copy of the diskette(s) containing the program(s) you
wish to distribute; we will send you a copy of any major updates to
our software. If you run a bulletin board, send us a diskette(s)
containing the program(s) you wish to distribute, and your mailing
address, and we will update the diskette and mail it back to you.
Since all program copies are serialized by to whom they were
originally sent, we are able to track registrations by vendor. As
long as we receive registrations containing your number for any
product, we will continue to provide you with updates for all

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, please contact me:

Roger Madore
RAM Software Development
P.O. Box 2193
Augusta, Maine, 04338-2193

Voice: (207) 623-9248
CIS: 71163,214

International: If you are a publisher interested in translating and
supporting our products in another language, please contact us to
discuss an exclusive agreement for your language and country. If you
are interested in providing registration and support services outside of
North America in English, we are interested in working with you on a
non-exclusive basis.


Package Name: VGApal v1.0


Major Heading: Shareware, Pascal Tools, VGA, Palette

Configuration: IBM PC-MS/DOS 3.0 or later

First Release: 1993

License Price: $10.00

Customer Support: One full year with purchase.

Key Words: ShareWare, RAM, VGA, Palette, Pascal

Description : VGApal v1.0 -- Complete palette control using Borland's
Turbo Pascal 6.0 and Turbo Pascal with Objects 7.0. You can fade-in
and fade-out from black or white, cycle through any palette colors
at will, fade from one color to another, switch colors on the fly,
plus more! Also included, is a routine to load 320x200 with 256
color PCX files! Finally, there is a flicker-free answer to Pascal's
short comings in palette control!

Site License Available: Yes

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Archive   : VPAL10.ZIP
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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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