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* Wild card transfer
* (Limited) Talk to server (GET, SEND, LOGOUT)
* (Limited) Server operation
* 1 and 2-byte checksums, and 3-byte CRC
* 31 packet sliding window
* 9024 maximum packet length
* Any legal baud rate from 2 to 115200
* Attribute packets (File creation and size)

* Non-standard high-speed option which can transfer full
8-bit binary data in the 'D' packets.
* Automatic handling of file name collisions:
Default values:
- No attribute packet (i.e. no date transferred):
Rename the file.
- Old file ( <=
Skip the file.
- New file ( >
Rename existing file to .BAK,
Give new file the original name
* Save most parameters on a setup file.
* Can talk to IBM 370's trough protocol emulators when
logged in as a VT100 terminal on the emulator.

* To save a particular setup, hit F5(Save). A small file with
the name KERMIT.INI will be created. If you need more than
one setup, the easiest is to rename the setup file. You may
then start the program as KERMIT /I=. If no setup-
file was given, the default KERMIT.INI will be used. Under
DOS 3+, the .INI file will be looked for in the directory
where KERMIT.EXE was found.

* Start-up commands:
The following commands may be given on the command line:
- Server
- Send
- Get
- Receive
If a command is given, it will be executed, and the program
will then exit.

* Features I am working on:
VT100 emulation
Keyboard macro's
Script capabilities (Command line interface)

I hope to get some feedback on what I should put into this
program, and on how it works on different PC's.
Please send BIX-mail to TerjeM.

Terje Mathisen
Norsk Hydro Data