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:READ TP4KER ANN F1 KER197 04/22/88 16:50:49
This is to announce a version of Kermit for the IBM PC by Terje Mathisen of
Norsk Hydro Data, announced by him on BIX in November 87 (his BIX mail ID is
"terjem"). It's written in Turbo Pascal, and claims to include long packets
AND sliding windows, and a nonstandard "fast mode", in which data fields are
not encoded at all (it can only use this to talk to itself). There is dumb
terminal emulation, which seems to take place only in a small horizontal
window under the command menu.

The source files arrived with nonstandard naming conventions, and have
therefore been packed into a single file, TP4KER.PAS, with name markers like
<<< KERMIT.PAS >>> at the head of each file. The executable program is
in TP4KER.BOO. There is no manual, but a very short help file is in
TP4KER.HLP. Comments & reviews welcome, as would be results of testing the
long packet and sliding window features against other Kermit implementations
that have them.