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Archive   : OPTIMR.ZIP
Filename : OPTIMER.ASM

Output of file : OPTIMER.ASM contained in archive : OPTIMR.ZIP

cli ;Disable interrupts
mov dx,$20 ;Address PIC ocw3
mov al,$0A ;Ask to read irr
out dx,al
mov al,$00 ;Latch timer 0
out $43,al
in al,dx ;Read irr
mov di,ax ;Save it in DI
in al,$40 ;Counter --> bx
mov bl,al ;LSB in BL
in al,$40
mov bh,al ;MSB in BH
not bx ;Need ascending counter
in al,$21 ;Read PIC imr
mov si,ax ;Save it in SI
mov al,$0FF ;Mask all interrupts
out $21,al
mov ax,$40 ;read low word of time
mov es,ax ;from BIOS data area
mov dx,[$6C]
mov ax,si ;Restore imr from SI
out $21,al
sti ;Enable interrupts
mov ax,di ;Retrieve old irr
test al,$01 ;Counter hit 0?
jz done ;Jump if not
cmp bx,$FF ;Counter > $FF?
ja done ;Done if so
inc dx ;Else count int req.
mov [bp-4],bx ;set function result
mov [bp-2],dx