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The LiteComm communication library for Turbo Pascal. Includes TPU's for TP 5.0 only, no source included.
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The LiteComm communication library for Turbo Pascal. Includes TPU’s for TP 5.0 only, no source included.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LCDEMO.EXE 74736 33082 deflated
LCDEMO.PAS 28018 6656 deflated
LCTBBS.TPU 2704 991 deflated
LCTHAYES.TPU 5792 1767 deflated
LCTKRNL-.PAS 3691 1243 deflated
LCTKRNL.TPU 7504 3401 deflated
LCTP.PRN 142226 29722 deflated
LCTSUPP.TPU 2192 950 deflated
READ.ME 1812 958 deflated
REGTP.PRN 1831 733 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome to version 5.0 of LiteComm-TP(tm). There is no versin 4.0 of
LiteComm-TP. LiteComm-TP is built upon the superb base of Borland's
Turbo Pascal version 5.0, the best and most affordable Pascal compiler
currenty available.

As you have come to expect, version 5.0 has also has new
functionality and features that you will find interesting. In particular,
the shareware version is fully functional, now. It is not limited by
either speed or the number of supported ports as in previous versions.
We have also spent a great deal of time in tuning the interrupt service
routines to make them even more efficient that before. Finally we have
incorporated suggestions made by several users into the product. Be
sure to print out the documentation to find out all about the new

We believe in supporting our products. In the event that you exeprience
difficulty, you may contact Information Technology at (401) 826-2223. If
you prefer, you may contact us through electronic mail on CompuServe
(ID 70166,1152); or GEnie (I.TECH).

The documentation that accompanies this package is formatted for a
generic, text only printer to insure that it will be useful to the
widest possible audience. Laser printer owners may experience problems
as a result due to the method employed for bolding, underlining, and the
like. While we regret this inconvenience, we are unable, at this time,
to honor requests for the documentation in other than the supplied

The serial number of your copy is on the distribution diskette label,
not in the pserial.num file as noted in the documentation.

Thank you for your interest in our products.

LiteComm-TP is Copyright (c) 1987, 1988 Information Technology, Ltd.

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