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Unit Meta;

Uses Fastwr;

{FastWrite is a Public Domain text display Package By Brian Foley
available on Compuserve. GO BOR-100, the file is in LIB 2. You may
modify the routines to use any other procedure you want. FASTWR.TPU
has proven itself to be bug free and FAST! }

MetaPos, LastLine : Integer;

{LastLines value MUST be assigned here in the Meta file. It defines the lower
border of the window around the metaphor. Therefore the maximum should be 25
and the minimum should be Row 7 for a minimal window around the inner frame.

MetaPos is a global variable used by CALC.TPU to reposition the window when
moved on screen. }

Procedure DrawCalculator;


Procedure DrawCalculator;

{Usage: procedure FastWrite(St : string; Row, Col, Attr : Byte);
The Row value of 1 is reserved for the the CALC.TPU generated window.
The width is also fixed in this release of CALC.TPU, but you may change
the value of LastLine to modify the window size, from the bottom up.
The calculator always remains anchored to the top of the screen. }

FastWrite('º º',4,MetaPos,7);

{Unless you want only the result in its own small window, use this
"inner window" to frame the numeric data, which allways appears on Row 4.}

FastWrite('ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿',7,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('³ 7 ³ ³ 8 ³ ³ 9 ³ ³ / ³',8,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ',9,MetaPos,15);

FastWrite('ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿',10,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('³ 4 ³ ³ 5 ³ ³ 6 ³ ³ * ³',11,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ',12,MetaPos,15);

FastWrite('ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿',13,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('³ 1 ³ ³ 2 ³ ³ 3 ³ ³ - ³',14,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ',15,MetaPos,15);

FastWrite('ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿',16,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('³ 0 ³ ³ ú ³ ³ = ³ ³ + ³',17,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ',18,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄ¿ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿',19,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('³ C ³ ³cE ³ ³- - Move³',20,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite('ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÙ ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ',21,MetaPos,15);
FastWrite(' Esc Quits - F10 to Paste ',23,MetaPos,15);

(* Meta*)
LastLine := 25;

{ Lastline Must be set to define the position of the bottom of the window.
Note that it is one more that the last row in the FastWrite calls above. }