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BoilerPlate Version 2.01

BoilerPlate is a code generater for Borland Pascal and Turbo Pascal OWL
programs. It can be used to generate boilerplate (skeleton) code both
for your main program and any dialogs it uses.

To use BoilerPlate, you start by designing your resources (menus, icons,
cursors, dialogs, etc.) with Resource Workshop. BoilerPlate reads the
resulting .RC file, asks a few questions and then produces the code.
With few exceptions, the code can be compiled and run to give you a feel
for the results, but you'll still have to fill in the details to produce
the final result you want.`

What's new in version 2

1. Code generation for dialogs.

2. BoilerPlate now reads the .RC file rather than the .RES file, giving
it better access to symbols, etc.

Here's the files included in this package:

BLRPLATE.EXE The main program
BLRPLATE.HLP Its help file

The following are data files which BoilerPlate needs
SKEL.DAT Skeleton source file main program
MESSAGES.DAT Info on wm_xxxx messages
NOTIF.DAT Info on notification methods
PROCS.DAT Info on OWL methods
DLGSKEL.DAT Skeleton source file for dialog units
TESTDLG.DAT Skeleton source file for test program to test dialogs

Demo RC, INC files for experimentation
TDLGW.RC A TDlgWindow demo
TDLGW.INC Its include
TWIND.RC A TWindow demo
TWIND.INC Its Include
COLOR.RC A dialog demo
COLOR.RES It's resource file
COLOR.PAS Code generated and added to to illustrate some dialog
techniques. See comments in file for info.
COLORTST.PAS Test program source generated to test COLOR.PAS

README This file


BLRPLATE.EXE, BLRPLATE.HLP, and all the .DAT file should be copied to a
single directory. The remaining files are optional. To run BoilerPlate,
use the File|Run command from Program Manager. You can also install
BoilerPlate as an icon with Program Manager's File|New.

See the help file for instructions on how to use BoilerPlate.

The use of BoilerPlate is free. However, if you find it useful, have
suggestions, or find bugs, I'd like to hear from you. Future support,
changes will probably depend on how useful it turns out to be.

Contact me by Compuserve (the best way) or at one of the addresses below.

Dave Baldwin
CompuServe ID #76327,53.

22 Fox Den Rd., (Summer) 144 13th St. East, (Winter)
Hollis, NH 03049 Tierra Verde, FL 33715
(603) 465-7857 (813) 867-3030

Version 2.01 Changes and Fixes

1. A GPF occured when attempting to generate program code for a TDlgWindow
if the dialog had no menu.

2. For TDlgWindow program code, the dialog's symbol was not getting defined.

3. The "Paint" procedure was added to the procedure selection list.

4. Minor help file changes.