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3/08/91 1991 Paradox User's Conference Page 1
Code Disk Contents

File Name Speaker Title
--------- --------- ----------------------------------------------------------
Interactive Paradox

P-2.ZIP Rudy Creative Reports Using Functions and Variables
P-3.ZIP Kachman Multi-Table Reporting Techniques
P-6.ZIP Jensen Looking Good: Creating Better Paradox Reports
P-9.ZIP Feldman Paradox Multi-Table Forms

Learning PAL

L-1.ZIP Rowley PAL: Starting Off On The Right Foot
L-4.ZIP Shapiro Structured Programming and Procedures
L-6.ZIP Ehrmann WAIT - The Most Important Command in PAL
* L-7.ZIP Kelton Prompting and Referencing

Multi-User and Client/Server Issues

M-6.ZIP Salcedo Multiuser Tips and Techniques
M-8.ZIP Y.Rhodes Data Management in Distributed and Remote Paradox Systems
M-9.ZIP Rudy Multitable Forms And SQL Link

Tips and Techniques

* T-2.ZIP Ostroff Paradox and PAL for dBase Developers
T-3.ZIP Ehrmann Advanced Data Entry Using WAIT
* T-4.ZIP Paolini Using Generic Utility Procedures

PAL Application Development

D-2.ZIP Zenreich Performance Tuning And Problem Solving
D-3.ZIP Colling The Application Development Environment
D-4.ZIP Rudy Ensuring Data Itegrity
D-5.ZIP Chung Ad Hoc Query Techniques in Paradox
D-7.ZIP Saunders Creative Menu-Making in PAL
D-9.ZIP Beste Handling Key Violations

Advanced Topics

A-1.ZIP B.Smith Multi-Table Form Techniques
A-2.ZIP Todd Introduction to the Paradox Engine
A-3.ZIP Salcedo QBE and Quattro Pro
* A-6.ZIP Coker Table Driven Systems

Code Clinic Sessions

C-3.ZIP Bushay Tips and Techniques for Laser Printer Reporting
C-6.ZIP Pauker Data Entry without the Toolkit

Application Demonstrations

S-01.ZIP Gersonde EverGreen: Management Solutions For Today's Tree Nursuries
S-07.ZIP Zenreich ABC Casting System Case Study

* - subdirectories in the zip file, need to use -d with PKUNZIP
e.g. PKUNZIP -d T-4.ZIP (.ZIP not required for filename)